Sunday, September 18, 2011


Palestinian-Israeli Three Third Settlement Peace Plan.

This is a synopsis of the Palestinian-Israeli Three Third Settlement Peace Plan. The following will be dealing with the disputed land that is being illegally occupied by the State of Israel. With 80% of the Jewish Israeli’s settlers on 20% of the occupied land. One third of the occupied land running adjacent to the 1967 Armistice Line will become part of the State of Israel with some conditions placed upon it. The second one third will be part of the new State of Palestine with some conditions placed on it. The last one third will be the new State of Jerusalem with many conditions placed on it.

Today the State of Israel controls 93% of the land in Israel proper. That is lease to Jewish people only through 49 and 98 year leases. The Jewish one third of land will have a different set of by-laws allowing of a more in mix population 1/3 Palestinian and 2/3 Jewish. The same will hold true on the Palestinian one third with 1/3 Jewish and 2/3 Palestinian. With the people on either side being able to apply for dual citizenship. Only by creating the conditions for a mix of Palestinian and Jewish population along the border of the two states will the condition for a long term peace be created.

The most contentious part to both sides and the international community is the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City of Jerusalem has an international religious significance like no other city in the world where three of the world’s major religions come together. For this reason the State of Jerusalem must be created with a whole new range of by laws creating equal access and security for all. The State of Jerusalem will be run by a council 1/3 Palestinian, 1/3 Israeli and 1/3 from the international community. The Israelis will head up and run the State of Jerusalem security forces that will be made up of 1/3 Israelis, 1/3 Palestinians and 1/3 from the international community. The Jewish settlements that fall into the State of Jerusalem will again be divided 1/3 Jewish, 1/3 Palestinian and 1/3 for the international community. The international community could be people from the universities, churches, the Vatican, the United Nations, European Union, international civic organizations, Arab League, Mosques and Temples from around the world.

It will take great sacrifices by the people on both side with a properly balance social engineering plan implemented for peace to workout. There will always be a small minority on both sides will try to derail any plans for peace because they will not be satisfied until the other side is wiped out. They must be sidelined for the greater good of the majority of people on both sides.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


9/11 X Years Later

The great tragedy of 9/11 has changed our way of life forever. Dividing us even more as a nation and people around the world. Creating more hate and fear than peace and understanding between people and nations around the world. Diverting over a trillion dollars into two wars of choice and hundreds of billions more into a hi-tech global police state that the Russians wish they could of had. Yes, what really happen on 9/11 raises more questions to the truth. Questions that will never be answered in our lifetime.

The facts about 9/11 told to us by the United States government and mass media goes against common sense and the laws of physics. That two planes hitting the two World Trade Center Towers and in about an hour they fall nearly at the rate of free fall (gravity) within their foot print. Then about eight hours later Building 7 a forty-seven story building about the size of a football field falls again nearly at the rate of free fall (gravity) within its foot print. Building 7 never being hit by any plane and is surrounded by other buildings on three sides that had little damage done to them. For more information on this please go too ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH. Most of the American public bought the official government story hook, line and sinker.

Ten years later many more Americans are questioning what really happen on 9/11. They want the truth but can they really handle it as a people and nation. What we have been officially told to a nation of people goes against the laws of physics and common sense. Yet the truth might be so demoralizing that we would lose faith and trust in our governmental system sparking a global civil war against the establishment. What will it take for us as a nation to live within our comfort zone while not threatening other nations of people within their comfort zone. A much more balanced foreign policy with a better understanding of the ways of other nations of people will bring us much closer to this point.

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