Sunday, September 11, 2011


9/11 X Years Later

The great tragedy of 9/11 has changed our way of life forever. Dividing us even more as a nation and people around the world. Creating more hate and fear than peace and understanding between people and nations around the world. Diverting over a trillion dollars into two wars of choice and hundreds of billions more into a hi-tech global police state that the Russians wish they could of had. Yes, what really happen on 9/11 raises more questions to the truth. Questions that will never be answered in our lifetime.

The facts about 9/11 told to us by the United States government and mass media goes against common sense and the laws of physics. That two planes hitting the two World Trade Center Towers and in about an hour they fall nearly at the rate of free fall (gravity) within their foot print. Then about eight hours later Building 7 a forty-seven story building about the size of a football field falls again nearly at the rate of free fall (gravity) within its foot print. Building 7 never being hit by any plane and is surrounded by other buildings on three sides that had little damage done to them. For more information on this please go too ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH. Most of the American public bought the official government story hook, line and sinker.

Ten years later many more Americans are questioning what really happen on 9/11. They want the truth but can they really handle it as a people and nation. What we have been officially told to a nation of people goes against the laws of physics and common sense. Yet the truth might be so demoralizing that we would lose faith and trust in our governmental system sparking a global civil war against the establishment. What will it take for us as a nation to live within our comfort zone while not threatening other nations of people within their comfort zone. A much more balanced foreign policy with a better understanding of the ways of other nations of people will bring us much closer to this point.

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