Friday, October 01, 2010


Truth at Any Cost

Truths at any cost, you can not be an American modern day conservative without being a con. Where were all of the conservatives when the national debt almost tripled durning the Reagan administration, or more recently when the national debt almost doubled durning President George W. Bush administration. Yet today the conservatives or united on blaming President Obama administration for the spiraling out of control federal deficit.

The true facts to the mattered are both sides (Republican and Democratic parties) are at fault. The question is to what degree and for what. The leaders of both parties too often hold their allegiance to their political party over and above their nation short changing the American people. Butting heads every two years for control of the Congress and every four years for the control of the White House turning the Federal American political system into a game of “King of the Hill.

How low will you go, to win control for your party and at what cost to your nation and American people? This is a question that many leaders of both political parties should ask themselves. For their ratings by the American people have never been lower. It is becoming quite clear to many people that the current American model (financial, political, military) systems are not working and sustainable. That too many promises that cannot be kept have been made by the federal-state governments, corporations and unions to the American people.

The American modern day conservatives the first to stand up in support of more wars at any cost while wanting to cut social programs at home. Staunch supporters of the “Right to life” and the “Right to bear arms” in a time and world where there are far too many people and too many people killing people. The American modern day religious conservatives claiming to take the high road in the name of God have raised the level of hate of other people who do not believe in the same way as they do.

The level and degree of deception that the modern day American conservatives are willing to use has under mined the national security of our nation. From the Neocons of war to the billionaire Koch brothers they have conned the American people. The great differences between the far right and the far left is one side is one side is fighting for what is right and has to be amended and the other side is fighting for the wrong that they want to dictate.

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