Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Road to Peace

Most people would agree that we can not continue on the same path we are on in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis as we are today. The question that needs to be answered is what and how are things going to change for the better. Where all of the people in the region can live together in peace and security with dignity, freedom, and prosperity. Then some questions have to be asked “How many different choices are there and which one is the best for the most people on both sides?” There are some people that want a one state solution on both sides. Many other people want a two state solution on both sides. Have not heard of many people from either side supporting the one nation two state concept.

Then you have the question of the Old City of Jerusalem that even complicates the clouded picture of peace in this conflict even more. Bringing out the religious zealots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to use their religious book or scroll to polarize their masses of people. Trying to find peace without addressing the questions that surround the Old City of Jerusalem will put you in a stalemate where we are today. The vast majority of the earlier commissions before 1948 had the Old City of Jerusalem as a separate international city state including United Nation’s Resolution 181. Something that is not even considered as an option today by very many people.

Only by being balanced in addressing the concerns of the people on both sides will the road to peace become possible. One must be honest and truthful in dealing and recognizing the facts on the ground on both sides. Such as which government really has the power and control of the situation on the ground in the region. To who are the real victims in this life long conflict between the Israelis and Palestinian people. Then you will be able to see clearer some of the answers that will bring you closer to peace. Under the right conditions and circumstances peace will be able to evolve over time. Creating many new ways and new doors of opportunities that were never possible before for the people on both sides.

Can you imagine the State of Israel having normalized diplomatic, commercial, and social relations with her Arab nations neighbors. An Israel where they are interdependent on one and another. Teaching and training her Arab neighbors some of the modern new ways of medicine, farming in the desert, and high tech and the list could go on and on. Where the need for military spending could be greatly reduced on all sides. Putting those savings into more social programs and projects including reducing their national debt.

Can you imagine a Palestinian nation of people living in similar conditions as their Jewish neighbors. Where the Palestinian people have the same human rights to travel and be free politically and socially as their Jewish counterparts. Where all Muslims could go to their Temple Mount as the Jewish people can go to their Wall to pray. A Palestinian people that have been compensated for some of their great losses, with some dignity being restored to a great number of Palestinian people.

Maybe then the government of Israel will find more security and acceptance among the international community of nations. Once they are not living next too the worlds largest prisons and they do not have so many Palestinians (over ten thousand Palestinian people) locked up in their prisons. Only with some great changes towards more justice on both sides will peace and security come about for the vast majority of the people in the Holy Land.

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