Sunday, April 11, 2010


Why the State of Israel is Perceived as a Rogue Nation

The Israeli government and military actions and policies are what makes Israel a rogue nations that lives outside the international law. According to Haaretz newspaper new Israeli military policies could ethnically cleanse the West Bank of tens of thousands of Palestinian people without the official ID card. This coming as a response to the President Obama’s demands that the State of Israel stop the expansion of Jewish settlements around the suburbs of East Jerusalem in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Netanyahu cancels his plans to attend the nuclear summit hosted by President Obama in Washington DC. Israel believe to be the only Middle Eastern country currently unofficially possessing weapons and is not a member of the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) making it one of four nations in the world that is not a member, (Pakistan, India, and then North Korea withdrew in January 2003. There is no other nation in todays world that is in violation of more United Nations Resolutions and international treaties than the State of Israel.

Former Ambassador Dan Gillerman being so arrogant and dishonest to say on Fox News that it is the Obama’s administration fault for making the disagreement between Israel and the United State so public. With so many of the Fox News commentators saying what is the big deal about the Israelis building more Israeli housing in the suburbs of East Jerusalem in the West Bank. What is seen to be as the truth to the government of Israel in the many of the areas of global disagreement is seen to be wrong and or an out right lying fable by most of the nations of the world.

Before there will be any peaceful settlement between the Israeli government and the Palestinians and Arab nations. The Israeli government must take on and confront the Jewish religious extremists from within Israel and the United States. The Israeli government must modify their policies and actions to be more moderate and conform to international standards that are more acceptable. For in modern times the State of Israel is perceived by many people as the hierarchy of Judaism and it has raised and created so much hate and animosity towards the Jewish people that unconditionally support the State of Israel.

Ritchie aka Daoud.

You are such a COWARD. You post all that crap but have no balls to back them up or to reply to criticism of that bullshit.

A typical AARRAAABB troublemaker and Jihadist.
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