Saturday, April 03, 2010


Land for Peace Treaty

To draw a clearer picture of what a two state solution would look like the land will have to be divided into zones. The different zones will be created to regulate and control the make-up of the population and culture. For the most part what is right for one side should be right for the other side too. Both Palestine and Israel will be divided into zones with East Jerusalem being a separate city state. Israel zone 4 as an example is a region within Israel proper that is for Jewish people only where the Jewish Laws are strictly enforced. No cars on the Sabbath, the forbidden sale of non-kosher food and so on. Another example Palestine zone 3 where the people of all religious faiths could live with the Palestinians would make up roughly 60% of the population. There would be mosques, temples and churches with much more openness and tolerance than zone 4.

The zones would help to integrate and segregate the two nations of people living side-by-side in the Holy Land. These zones will help create different environments that will be more conducive for the different segments of the local population. Where in Israel zone 4 the ultra conservative Jewish people can have their place and the more open progressive Jewish people could have their zones to live and work. With in the general zones there will be sub-zones for commercial, residential, farming, industrial, development, conservation, religious and holy sites. The government of the State of Israel controlling and owning 93% of the land within Israel proper. This will make it possible with Israeli government support for a master zoning plan as part of the land for long term peace.

The 1967 Green Line (Armistice Line) being the international recognized border will be the border between the two nations for the most part. Most of the Jewish settlements deep inside the Palestinian side of the Green Line will be turned over to the Palestinian Land Authority. These will become separate zones that will have an integrated population of Palestinians, Jewish people of Israel living in Palestine and international people that are working with the NGO’s and governments to implement and oversee the Land for Peace Treaty. Only with a strong and balance Rule of Property Laws can you have a civil society living together. The Israeli government for too many years has used their Property Laws to discriminate against the Palestinian people. The Israelis will have to overhaul their property laws and the Palestinians will have to establish their property laws. Both nations will have to establish courts that will be overseen by the international community to process claims, disputes and settlements for lost property. This will create a building boom within Israel proper for all of the Jewish people that will be returning from the former Jewish settlements in Palestine.


Makes one wonder whether you have even managed to graduate kindergarten.

But than that is why you are only a GARDENER.Reminds me of that movie with Chauncey the Gardener.
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