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The Slowocaust of Hebron

What the American public does not see or hear about in the mainstream mass media. This is why they do not understand who are the victims and who is the victimizers in this life long conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. Hebron (Khalil) the largest and most densely populated Palestinian city in the West Bank with approximately 140,000 Palestinian people with 500 Jewish extremist settlers guarded by 500 plus Israeli soldiers. The Israeli military in the center of the Old City of Hebron has taken over control not allowing Palestinian people normal day to day access creating a military security zone for the 500 Jewish radical settlers that live there.
YouTube - Palestinians clash with occupation forces in Hebron, West Bank

These Jewish illegal settlers in Hebron are on a religious quest with the vast majority of these settlers from the United States and the former Soviet Union. On February 25, 1994, Baruch Goldstein killed 29 and injured more than 150 Palestinian worshippers in the Ibrahimi Mosque of Hebron. Sixteen years later the Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli government proclaims two Islamic mosques one in Hebron (Ibrahimi Mosque) and other one in Bethehem (Masjid Bilal Mosque) as “Jewish Heritage sites.”

The Israeli government has been using the “Rule of Law” and “Property Rights” as a weapon of incitement with the old religious sites and mosques being at the heart of the conflict. With dozens of Islamic Mosques and many thousands of the Palestinian homes and farms being destroyed on an on going basis. The Jewish people of Israel have been making life for the Palestinian people so uncomfortable and dangerous. This is part of the on going process in trying to depopulate the Palestinian society making it a purer Jewish state.
YouTube - Mosques Destroyed by Israel in Gaza during the war 2009

These stories do not make mainstream daily mass media news in America or for that matter out side the Islamic world. No news is good news for the Israelis and is bad news for the Palestinian people. The day to day harassment and persecution of the Palestinian people continues uninterrupted as part of the daily norm. There were no Palestinian suicide bombers durning 2009, yet the Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank continues as well as the collective imprisonment of 1.4 million people in Gaza.

The Israeli tactics are clearly understood by the people who live in the Palestinian Territories. Restrict, inflame and provoke the Palestinian people to react violently so the Israeli can use more overwhelming military force. The more the Israeli can destroy of the Palestinian society over time changes the true realities on the ground to favor the Israeli position. Over time as the old get older and die who is to say that there was once a mosque or Palestinian village once stood there.

hi there,
just wanted to let you know that i just stumbled (well, not accidentally) upon your blog. looks interesting, and i'll be sure to follow your posts.
khulud from Haifa [palestinian 3rd rate citizen of Israel]
hey, don't know if you subscribe to "email follow up comments," but just in case u don't - I left u a comment on my post, following your own comment.
Thank you khulud for your replies. What do you think of the word "Slowocaust" to describe Palestinian life long torment
I was in Hevron right after the 6 day war and every window there had a white flag. A vendor at the SDoukh explained to me that the locals were afraid that Jews would take revenge on them for 1929 and 1948. Regretfully the IDF did not pack up the whole bunch of murderers and sent them packing.

The current situation is as a result of Israeli shortsighted policy in 1967.

It is still not too late.
hevron, hevron SHELANU.
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