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The Palestinian Slowocaust

Many people have compared the Palestinian crisis to the times of the Apartheid South African government or the Holocaust. When there are great differences between them. Hence the word Slowocaust was coined to describe the Palestinian crisis of today and yesterday. A holocaust with a small {h} happened in Haiti’s earthquake of January of 2010. Great amount of destruction and mass death all at once where the word Holocaust with a capital {H} refers to the Jewish Holocaust only.

For over the last sixty plus years the Palestinian crisis has only been cycles of bad to worst. The truth to the bad is rarely heard by the people in the Western world. The worst is that too many people in the Western world really do not have a clue to the real facts on the ground. Yes there’s a hand full of Israeli victims in this conflict compared to a nation of Palestinian people. The Israeli government up until now has been winning the information war. Making many people and nations believe that the Jewish people of Israel are the victims and the Palestinians are the terrorists.

Today with the advancement of modern technology with video cameras and the Internet the Palestinian crisis has been very well documented. When in history was the wealthy nation that was gaining ground in the conflicts with a far superior military the victims? When before did the victim nation occupy the land of another people’s nation for over forty years? If you can answer these two questions honestly than you can come closer to the truth.

Any nation of people who have their homes, farms, and villages raped from them while being imprisoned as a nation of people with little to no dignity left. With the visions of justice, peace and hope dying in the ashes of the ruins of their nation. There are bound to be out burst of violence towards their captors. Any nation of people who have collectively suffered for as long as the Palestinian people while at the hands of another nation’s people are clearly the victims.

slowocaust |slōəˌkôst;
1 destruction or slaughter on a mass scale over the course of a long period of time: to imprison, collective punish and the rape the indigenous people of their land and dignity.
(the Slowocaust) the mass destruction and take over of the Palestinian people homes, farms, olive orchards, cities and villages while being under military occupation of the Israeli Defense Forces for over forty years.

The vast majority of the people in the world only hear about the flare-ups of violence not the day to day normal persecution of the Palestinian people. It has been this cycle for over a hundred years with things only getting worst over time that makes it a Slowocaust. Some people say the Palestinian Slowocaust is worst that a holocaust because it has been going on for so many decades. Having a such a devastating effect on so many people over the course of so many life times.

Yes, a new word had to be coined to accurately capture and describe the Palestinian crisis of the last sixty plus years. With the changing opinion in the way the nations of people see the true facts to this life long crisis of the Palestinian people. The true religious extremists behind the conflict will emerge for the people of the world to see. The Jewish religious extremists settlers in the West Bank and Israel will rise in protest of any compromise toward peace. The illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank are to Israel as Israel is to the United States in the Middle East a deflection point. Where we would rather be fighting them over there instead of fighting them on our ground at home.

How can the United States government be a fair and balance peace broker in this conflict when they are a partner in war crimes with the State of Israel. If the United States government supplies the State of Israel with military weaponry that has been illegally used on and off consistently over a forty year period. The State of Israel and United States should be tried before the International Criminal Court so the true facts could be made clear for the people of the world to see.

Many people wonder how and why the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been going on for so many years. There is no simple answer but a series of interconnecting reasons. With the military industrial complex and United States foreign aid at the roots to many of them. With the governments of Egypt, Jordan and the State of Israel receiving billions of dollars annually from the United States government for the little peace we have today.

There is little to no question that the Israeli Defense Forces could have anytime wipe out the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza in a week or so. This would not serve well for the Israeli government to receive the billions of dollars of military aid from the United States government over the last forty years. The Israeli government could not have built the fourth largest and most sophisticated military industrial complex they have today.

With the State of Israel receiving two and half to three and half billion plus dollars annually in military aid. This is on top of the billions and billions of dollars of financial aid they receive from the United States government and Jewish Temples. With the Israelis seizing more land and building more new Jewish homes in the West Bank Territory. The Israeli government and military industrial complex are the only ones gaining from the long and dragged out Slowocaust on the Palestinian people.

It seems the word holocaust has lost its meaning. The translation is more or less "burnt offerings" as in to their dark god Lucifer of the Talmudists. So of course bodies burned in WW2 were indeed a holocaust. Offered, btw, by the Zionists to Hitler and the boys. Yep I can back that statement up if need be. Those victims were first and foremost betrayed by the elite Zionists.

Lebanon and Gaza were Holocausts because of the fire bombs. Iraq was a Holocaust. And yes spiritually these were timed by ancient calendars to ancient rituals of the Babylonians. No accidents because the offerings were intended for specific gods. Waco was another holocaust. Again, the burning of children and women by fire. 911 was a Holocaust of sorts. Viet Nam. Wherever it was death by fire.

Haiti by this definition is not rightfully called a holocaust. Any more than the Asian Tsunami. These were purportedly natural phenomenons (not too sure about that either) and fire was not part of the Haitian tragedy.

In my humble opinion....
David I think you are on the right track with the Palestine issue and that means your mepeace membership is about to expire. I just read your "Five Assumptions" and read Neri-Bar's responses. oh yeah you did the big no-no by mentioning anything about the foreign Jews coming to Palestine having anything to do with the conflict. The Ashkenazim on mepeace refuse to face up to their history and take any responsibility. They refuse to do the "12 steps" to peace, you know.
Anyway, you may be interested to know that there is place for banned and/or disillusioned former mepeace members! yes! Here is the link, look forward to seeing you there and we would appreciate your contribution! It's a great group of people and we deal in honesty, you will not be banned for offending the Zionists! I know Noor also who responded to this post of yours, I will head on over to her blog and invite her.
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