Friday, November 20, 2009


The Truth About the Slowocaust

If the truth was ever told, would anybody hear it or would it be dismissed as propaganda? During the Holocaust many European Jewish people and the black people in South Africa during apartheid asked the same question. When the government of Germany and South Africa were on evil courses many people and nations remained complaisant for too many years. They are not the only two nations with unsavory history as part of the truth. The true story to the creation of United States of America and the American Indians or slavery has never really been understood by the majority of the American people.

For the last sixty plus years many generations of Palestinian people have been asking the very same question. How can the nations of people of the world not see what is happening to us and let it go on for so long. Israel by far is the advanced-wealthy nation with a sophisticated military having almost total control of the situation on the ground in the illegal occupied territories of Palestine. Most of the illegal activities the Israeli government has carried out over the last forty years could not of happened without the financial, military and political support of the United States government.

If you were to ask a Palestinian child “What is a Caterpillar tractor used for?” many of the Palestinian children that live in Palestine would tell you “ Caterpillar tractors are used by the Israelis to destroy our homes, farms, and villages to build a wall around us or roads for Jewish people only that divide our land or to create green space in the name of Israeli security. If you ask the same Palestinian children what jets and helicopters (American Made) used for they will tell you “They are used to kill our people and destroy our homes, villages, cities, factories, buildings, power plants, roads and our lives.

Most Palestinian children that live in Palestine have never seen a Caterpillar tractor build anything or a commercial aircraft that flies people to far off places for a vacation. For the most part they are captive prisoners of the Israelis that are under house arrest unable to leave Palestine. With the exception of a very few Palestinian people if they are able to leave the Palestine Territory they will not know if they will be able to return to their home until they do because it is totally up to the Israelis to decide and the condition on the ground change like the wind.

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