Sunday, November 29, 2009


Palestinian Slowocaust and the Jewish Holocaust

If you were to compare the Palestinian Slowocaust to the Jewish Holocaust there are great differences as well as similarities. In the Holocaust there was much more of a focus on the quickest and most efficient way of killing great numbers of people that were labeled as undesirables by the Nazis. Mainly Jewish people, gypsies and homosexuals were killed with very little damage done to property. In contrast in the Palestinian Slowocaust there is mush less killing and much more property damage and confiscation of land. A very well organized and financed operation by the Israelis to gain control of the land, with the Jewish National Fund being one of the main early cornerstones of this operation.

The Germany Nazis were and the Israelis are very focus on developing the most sophisticated military arms. Both nations being leaders in the arms race of their time. With the Nazis using no restraint of the use their modern weapons of the time to kill. The Israelis have for the most part used great restraint with their weapons of death in their quest to control the land. The German Nazis did not have to confiscate a great amount of land from the Jewish people of Europe because for the most part at the time Jewish people rich or poor could not own land. Where in the Palestinian Slowocaust it is over the control of land that is historically known as the Holy Land with Jerusalem being the crown jewel.

The founding fathers of Israel wanted total control of all of the Holy Land in what was Palestine without killing all of the indigenous non Jewish people. With a lot of money and world wide connections the Jewish Israelis started on a quest for total control of the land in Palestine. They were going to gain control of the Palestine by hook or crook. Denial has been and is today one of the cornerstone used in the creation of the modern State of Israel. Denial that there are Palestinian people, or a land ever named Palestine. Refer to Rand Mcnally World Atlas Premier Edition of 1927.

For the first and only time in history an international body (United Nations) passed UN Resolution 181. Taking the land of one nation of people and dividing it into two. This part has been done a number of times. But what has never been done is dividing a nation into two creating a new nation for people from all over the world of one religion to come too.

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