Sunday, September 16, 2007


Israel and Iraq

There are many similarities between the United States-Iraqi War and the Israeli-Palestinian War that divide the people of the world. Only the United States government financially supports the Israeli government’s brutal actions and policies they have taken against the Palestinian society for the last forty plus years. The United States-Israeli Middle East policies and actions have fueled the fire of the so called Islamic extremist’s hatred of the Western World. What Israeli and the United States government represent to so many Islamic people and families in the region is death and destruction. The State of Israel fighting to control the land and water in her region with the United States fighting to control the region of land with oil.

Much of the so called Iraqi intelligence before the United States-British invasion of Iraq emanated from the Israeli government intelligence services. With many American Jewish Temples flying banner “United we stand with Israel” while they raise billions of dollars to support Israel in her illegal and immoral operations against the Palestinian society. Today many if not the majority of the American people feel betrayed and lied too about the reasons for going to war in Iraq. The same is very true in the Jewish community of people while the Israel government remains united and continues its military campaign against the Palestinian people. Both the United States and Israel have created societies that are not sustainable over the course of time.

It is said that the victors of war write the history books. Yet if the truth is not told at the time then how accurate can the history books really be. This is the cornerstone to many of the problems we face in the Middle East today. Most of the American people know little to nothing about the Middle East other than what they have learned at their place of worship or what their government and mass media has told them. Much of this information about the Middle East has been tainted through religiously indoctrinated people who are on a mission of God.

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