Thursday, March 08, 2007


Exxon Protest

This is a brief outline in a peaceful protest against Exxon the worlds biggest oil company that is resisting in become an environmental friendly energy company. Both Shell and British Petroleum have invested much more in the research and development of alternative renewable energy sources. Exxon leading the oil lobby in the United States has been a major road block in the research and development of alternative energy sources. The only things the big company’s executives understand is profit and loss on the bottom line of their financial statement and their retirement package.

A message has to be sent to the big oil companies that alternative renewable energy sources need to be developed and implemented. New cleaner and greener sources of renewable energy need to be developed that can not be monopolized as with the profits of oil. By focusing on Exxon a message can be sent to the worlds big oil companies to think long-term environmentally.

In many states there is a deposit on soda and beer cans and bottles. By law a business establishment that sells the returnable bottles and cans must accept the returns and refund the deposit to the customers. The store must sell the exact size and style of bottle or can that is being returned for a refund. If the American people in large numbers could return their returnable bottles and cans to the Exxon convenience store a message could be sent.

As part of the Green Energy Exxon Protest the customers should pay for as much of their gasoline with nickels, dimes, and quarters. If these two actions were taken on by thousands of American customers a clear message would be sent to the big oil companies. Local environmental groups could organize Green Energy Exxon Protest Days. With people willing to stand in line to return their bottles and cans and pay for their gasoline in change a bottle neck will be created cutting into the profits of the oil companies. A platform of time standing in line will be created for the protester to chat among themselves and the other customers that may not be aware of the environmental and energy problems that are on our horizon.

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