Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Holy Days in the Holy Land

During the religious Holy Days remember how the reality on the ground is today in the Holy Land. Today you cannot walk or drive a car from the Old City of Jerusalem to Bethlehem without going through a wall and many Israeli checkpoints. A wall is being built dividing the two Holy cities creating a prison for those Palestinian people surviving within the wall. The Jewish settlements in the West Bank are growing by leaps and bounds as are the destruction of Palestinian homes. For over sixty years the foreign Jewish people have tormented the native Palestinian people.

Living conditions for the Palestinian people and for that matter Iraqi people have not been worst in modern times. The Lebanese people who have made great strive forward since their last attack and occupation by the Israeli’s military forces. The regional civil unrest is growing out of control as the day-to-day living conditions worsen for the majority of people. Unemployment is 40% to 60% with almost every person in the region knowing at least one person if not a whole family that has been killed by an American and or Israel bullets or bombs.

The amount of bloodshed that has taken place in the Holy Land since 9/11 is a crime against humanity that the United States and Israelis have brought onto the world. For there to be peace in the Middle East, the United States and Israel have to make radical changes to their policies and actions in the region. Today because of Israel-United States policies and actions the Israeli people are in an ever growing more dangerous position. The days a wall can protect a kingdom are in the past. Only by talking and negotiating with your adversaries will they not become your enemy in war. Only with a balance and rational approach to the problems of the region will the answers be found.

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