Thursday, December 21, 2006


America needs an Alternate Focus

Alternate Focus is a platform for the other side of the stories that are rarely seen or heard in the American Mainstream Mass Media. More American people need to hear the other side of the stories whether they agree with them or not, beyond the thirty-second time bite somebody like Mr. James Zogby might receive. Alternate Focus is a tool that more American people need to know about. Here is a link to their home page Alternate Focus

Here are links to two Alternate Media presentations that are very worthwhile watching. Too often it is only the chorus that hears the song. Please take time to try to understand the other side.

The Mess We Are In
The words of James Zogby

Wall of Shame

Only with more American people taking responsibility for their government’s Middle East policies and actions will we find peace, prosperity and security in the world. Alternate Focus is a tool you can educate yourself as well as those people around you. The Internet is your link to the truth whether you like it or not.

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