Thursday, October 26, 2006


Where is the United State’s Foreign Policies Leading the World Too?

When both sides are saying the same thing about the other side, you often end up at a diplomatic impasse that often leads to war. Nowhere in the world is this clearer than in the Middle East. Israel and the United States being one of the same in the Middle East conflicts see Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorists. At the same time the Palestinian and Arabs see Israel as a terrorist state with both sides being right from their given perspective. Then the question becomes how you change the perspective of both sides not to view the other side as terrorists.

Both Israel and the United States must realize that they are not always right in their actions and assessments of the other side. The snapshot gunboat diplomacy of the past will not work today or in the future with a higher educated and literate society connected to the internet. The rights of one nation of people cannot infringe on the rights of another nation of people i.e. the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. As long as you have unilateral- bilateral powerful military nations thinking they know what is better for other nations of people by occupation, you will have perpetual wars.

For there to be peace there must be an understanding of nations of people that are that are different from ones own nation of people. The national interests of one nation can not over ride the national interest of another nation’s national security without military conflicts breaking out. Only by brining into balance what is right and good for one side applies to the other side too. If Israel has the right as a Jewish State to possess nuclear weapons, then so does Iran as an Islamic state. Not to say this would make the region and world a safer or better place. Quite obviously most people in the Middle East and the world for that matter would feel a lot safer if neither nation possessed nuclear weapons.

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