Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Staying the Course Will Only Bring More of the Same

Whether it is the war in Iraq or the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis staying the course will only bring more of the same. The United States –Israeli policies and actions have only inflamed an already bad situation making it worst. The military industrial complex, the Jewish American supporters of a Greater State of Israel, the Bush Administration and big oil are doing more to undermine peace and security of the Middle East region.

It is the combination of the military and oil industrial complex and the pro Israel lobbies that are dictating and controlling the United States Middle East Foreign Policies. There is little to no difference between the Republican and Democratic National Party Platforms when it comes to the support of the big oil, military and the State of Israel. With the complicity of the American mainstream mass media the oil-military industrial complex and the Israeli lobbies have brainwash and misled the American people. The combination of these special interest groups has more power and control over the foreign and domestic policies and actions of the United States Government.

The United States government and people are at a major crossroad in history. One-hundred years ago the United States was a small young fish in a big pond. Today the United States is a big teenage fish in a small pond with the pond getting smaller everyday. It is time for the American people to take responsibility for the action of its government. For the American people to have more insight and understanding of the policies and actions of their government being the big fish in the small pond. Only by practicing what you preach and by leading by example instead of by military force will things change for the better. The Internet has opened the door for the world’s people to see the hypocrisy of the United States foreign and domestic policies and actions.

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