Friday, October 27, 2006


Hypocrisy of the United States and Israel

It is the Hypocrisy of the United States and Israel that have divided the world and is fueling the fire of conflicts and wars around the world. The United States and Israel dictate and impose their ways onto other nations of people often in the name of their national security. Whether it is in the United Nations Security Council or on the battle field of war the United States and Israel dictates the terms and conditions to their adversaries. The double standards in the enforcement of International Laws and United Nations Security Resolutions are at the heart of much of the international hatred towards the United States and Israel.

The latest war in Lebanon is a good example of the United States and Israel flagrant violation of international laws and civility. The Israelis claim the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers justified the destruction of southern Lebanon. With the majority of the nations of the world condemning the Israeli attack on Lebanon the United States and Israel continue the bombing and destruction for thirty-four day. Only a few Jewish-Christian Evangelical people and the government of the United States perceive the Israelis as the victim in this life long conflict.

Whenever the adversaries of the policies and actions of the United States and Israeli government speak out in defiance, they are not recognized or even addressed. It is the arrogance of the leaders of the United States and Israel has created more wars and conflicts by not dealing with their international adversaries in a fair and balance way. If the Israeli response to the kidnapping of two of their soldiers was just and right than what would be an appropriate response of the Palestinians and Arabs for the kidnapping of the two dozen plus elected Hamas leaders of the Palestinian Authority.

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