Saturday, September 02, 2006


Israel has the Right to Existence But Not in a State of Perpetual War

It is in the best interest of Israel, the United States, the nations in the Middle East as well as the nations of the rest of the world, that there is peace in the Middle East. There is little question that things have to change big time in the Middle East before things will get any better. The United States-Israeli policies and actions against the Islamic-Arab nations of people are at the root to many of the problems in the region. The in-fighting within the region is only a by-product of these policies and actions by the United States and Israel.

There is no other region of people that have suffered more and longer being under the occupation by foreigners than the people in the Middle East. Today the Israelis are controlling majority of the land of the Palestinian people and a lot of the land of the Lebanese people. The Israel military retaliation to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers is totally out of proportion. The collective punishment of the Lebanese people by the Israeli’s military is an International War Crime according to the Geneva Convention. The on going imprisonment of the Palestinian society as well as the elected officials of the Palestinian Authority is another War Crime. The Israelis life-long persecution of the Palestinian and Arab people would not be tolerated by the United States if the shoe was on the other foot.

Together Israel and the United States should be tried for War Crimes for military actions they took against the Palestinian, Lebanese and Iraqi people. The United States unconditionally backing of the State of Israel’s military actions and policies make the United States government a partner in Israel’s War Crimes. If the United States and Israel could accept their responsibility for past mistakes then they could begin on a new path towards reconciliation. By no means does this take other Arab leaders off the hook for their war crimes against humanity.

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