Friday, September 08, 2006


Five Years After 9-11 I Feel Worst than the Day After

On 9/11 as with most of Americans I felt like a victim of the unknown. Fear over came my body and sole unlike ever before in my life time. As with so many American it was a day that changed my life forever. 9/11 opened my eyes and mind to the world outside my little world of reality. On 9/11 as an American I felt like a victim. Five years later as an American I feel like the perpetrator of war crimes that are greater than the ones that took place on 9/11. The reaction of the United States government since 9/11 has only raised the level of fear, hatred and mistrust making the world a more dangerous place.

Has our military reaction since 9/11 turned the United States and Israel into there own worst enemies. The State of Israel and the United States stand united in their war on terrorists. While most of the nations of people in the world are on the side of the Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese people as victims in their struggle for their security, dignity and peace. They are all people who have been occupied by a foreign military in the name of national security of Israel or the United States and the oil consuming industrial nation. Too many of the on going military and political actions of the United States and Israel have only made a bad situation worst.

Yes, today so many nations of people are worst off than they were five years ago. Starting with the people of the United States, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list could go on and on. All because we can we can come up trillions of dollars for war and a drop in the bucket for peace. The greed of a few for more power and control ruin it for all. The great amounts of destruction the United States and the State of Israel have done onto other nation’s people since 9/11 are War Crimes Against Humanity. To punish a whole nation of people for the bad actions of a few is wrong and inhumane.

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