Monday, September 11, 2006



Many American people have woken up to the fact and understanding that the policies of the United States Federal Government are at the root of many of the latest conflicts and wars in the Middle East. There is very little understanding in the United States government foreign policies and actions by the American people. The United States Foreign Policies having the greatest impact on the well being of so many people of the world. The United States government’s reaction to 9/11 has only created more enemies than friends putting us in more danger.

America’s great dependence on the world’s oil, the U.S.A.-Israel military industrial complex and the military actions are the greatest threat to world peace and security. Only by bringing into balance the enforcement of the Rule of International Laws will things in the world change for the better. Leading by example and not military force will bring more peace and less war into the world. The words of leaders of nations must be heard and disseminated around the world. There needs to be less “he said, she said” filtered and often distorted translations of other people words that are out right lies.

The American mass media has lost its independence from the self-serving interests of the military industrial complex and the “power that be” in the government. Often working as a tool of the government and military industrial complex the American mass media filters the truth from the headline news misleading the American public. Especially when it pertaining to Middle East Wars that involve Israel. The truth may not be heard by many people, but the truth is understood by many more people. In other words, the people on the streets have a better understand of the truth. They read in between the lines, not believing everything they are told from the American mainstream media.

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