Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Twelve Step Program for Peace in the Middle East

Only by a truly international effort can the Israeli crisis in the Middle East be resolved once and for all. It will be the United States and Israel verses the community of nations of the world with a very few exceptions. The platform and manner that the difference between the parties can be resolved will be up to the United States and Israel. Basically they have two choices with the first being they continue to dictate term and conditions that will eventually led to more wars and military conflicts as it has for the last sixty years. Or two we can change course drastically opening the whole crisis before an International Tribunal that will dictate terms and condition on matters that have not already been resolved by the parties of concern The International Tribunal ruling will have to be imposed onto the parties of concern.

The latter of the two choices will require at least a twenty year twelve-step program to peace and security. With the United Nations, Arab League of Nations, NATO, European Union and the NGO’s of humanity coming together for a twenty year mission. Israel and the United States will be called before the International Tribunal as well as any other nations or people involved war crimes related to this crisis. Each side will have a chance to present their case with the International Tribunal making the final ruling which is a ruling of a settlement more than punishment.

Any military aggressive action taken by any of the parties involved after the International Peacekeepers have entered the region will be judged much more harshly than war crimes committed in the past.

· Stop the fighting
· Move in International Peacekeepers
· Set-up the Peace table for long term negations
· Set-up long term international relief efforts
· Set up the International Tribunal
· Resolve the agreeable difference outside the International Tribunal
· International Tribunal gives ruling on unsettled matters
· Enforcement of International Tribunal rulings
· The monitoring of the situation on the ground
· Fine tuning of any problems
· The dismembering of the International Tribunal
· A world wide celebration for peace

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