Saturday, July 15, 2006


The Truth to the Palestinian Conflict

Let’s understand the reality on the ground for the Palestinian people. Last year the Israeli Offensive Forces left the internal part of the Gaza while maintaining a barricade imprisoning the Palestinian people in Gaza. No food, travel or commerce can go in or out of Gaza without going through an Israeli boarder check point. The two Israeli soldiers that were killed and the one that was captured by a Palestinian militia were at one of these Israeli boarder check post.

There are hundreds of Israeli checkpoints throughout the West Bank making day to day travel for the Palestinian people difficult to impossible. The Palestinian people are being kept as prisoners within their neighborhoods and villages in the West Bank. This has been day-to-day life for the Palestinian people during the good times. Now that the Palestinian militias are holding an Israel soldier hostage the Israelis will make life worst for all of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis upping their bombing campaign knocking out 2 bridges and Gaza only power plant. Most of the people in Gaza have no electricity. This is called collective punishment by the occupiers which is totally illegal by international laws.

The Israelis will define these military operations as defensive and retaliation. When a Palestinian group takes any action against Israel Offences Forces it is called an attack. When the Israeli Offensive Forces bomb from the sky killing an innocent Palestinian pregnant mother and her child at home, it is reported as an accident. The one sidedness mass media reporting to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis is only in the United States. This is why so many of the United Nations General Assembly votes are almost always unanimously against Israeli with the exception of the United States and Israel.

Most of the free nations of people see Israel as a terrorist state for the very reason of the Israeli actions of today and yesterday. Only the United State’s government supports Israeli’s current policies and actions against the Palestinian people. This is largely due to a strong right wing Israeli lobbing of the United States government and people. The right wing Israeli lobbies have corrupted the truth in promoting their half-truths concerning the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. Many so called “Lefty Jewish people” that are in support of the Palestinian cause are equally blocked from telling their side of the story in the mass media more so in the United State than in Israel.

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