Saturday, July 22, 2006


They call us Evil and we call them Evil and we are Both Right

Whether it is Israel, the United States, Iraq, or Iran, the religious extremists are in control of the governments. The latest Israeli military assault on the people of Gaza and Lebanon has more to do with Iran’s nuclear and military program than the three captured Israeli soldiers. The nation’s leaders on both sides use verbal rhetoric that inflames an already bad situation making things worst.

The use of overwhelming military force to destroy nation’s infrastructure while going after a few bad elements within a nation is illegal and immoral. Both the United States and the State of Israel have both done this in their on going wars in the Middle East. It is the double standards of the United States and the State of Israel that are at the root of the problems in the Middle East. The biggest and latest of these double standard being the United States position on Iraq’s nuclear program and Israel’s nuclear program.

Clearly most of the people and nations in the world would prefer that Iran did not possess nuclear weapons. The same could be said about Israel and for that matter all of the other world’s military nuclear programs. Israel’s military nuclear program is unique in several ways. One being Israel is a small religious military state in the middle of the Arab world. For two Israel is a state that has been in a state of war since her conception. For three Israel has the largest military and military industrial complex within the Middle East. The fourth Israel was created and mandated by the western industrial nations onto the people of Palestine.

The Israelis provoked the Palestinian and Arab people into the latest war by their military actions leading up to the capture of the three Israeli soldiers. During the weeks and months leading up to the latest war the Israelis were doing target assassination of people in Gaza and Lebanon. The Israelis have carried out military bombing within Lebanon and Gaza before the latest escalation of the latest war. Today the people of Lebanon are getting a taste of what the Palestinian people have had to withstand since the creation of the State of Israel.

The United States and Israel may win the military war while losing the peace creating chaos and terror in the Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon and Iraq. This is weakening the position of the United States and the State of Israel among the international community of nations. It’s strengthening the position of the Islamic fundamentalists by being the victims of the Israeli-United States military industrial complex of war. The bottom line is that the international community has to enforce the “Rule of International Law” even handily. The Iranians have the same rights to be a religious military nuclear power as the Israelis. Clearly the people of the region and of the world would be a lot better off and safer if neither side possessed nuclear weapons. To say one side can while one side can’t is not fair, balance or just.

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