Sunday, July 23, 2006


The Seed We Sow Are the Crops We Reap

The United States and the State of Israel have been sowing the seeds of war in the Middle East for years. Today people in parts of Israel are getting a small taste of the misery that the Palestinian people have been suffering under for more than sixty years. For so few people to spread so many seeds of war for so long is a crime in its self. There will be no peace in the Middle East until the Government of Israel are charged and tried with war crimes and reparation is made to the Palestinian and Arab people. The complicity of the United States and Israel government automatically disqualifies the United States from any official role in the trial except as a coconspirator.

Once the Israelis mend their warmongering ways and financial compensation is made to the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Then there will be a chance the other side can make the needed changes to go down the road for long-term peace. Israel, the United States, as well as the Arab nations need a twelve-step program that is customized for their individual needs of reform. All sides will have to make progress simultaneously in the twelve-step program.

The international community of nations cannot help to rebuild Lebanon and Palestine to have the Israelis destroy it again. The Israelis have been destroying lives of millions of Palestinian and Arab people while claiming to be the victim. The international community of nations cannot address the devastation in Lebanon without addressing the devastation in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab governments must agree to the terms and conditions set upon them. Otherwise the cycle of escalating conflicts will continue with no one having any peace and security.

For things to get any better in this region a large presents of International Peacekeeping Forces will be needed in Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis will withdraw from the land of Shebba Farms Lebanon and the Golan Heights of Syria and International Peacekeeping forces will fill the security void. The same has to happen with the West Bank and Gaza for there to be a chance for long term peace.

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