Sunday, July 09, 2006


Right Wingers the Biggest Threat to World Peace

Whether it is the religious right, media right or military right they all converge in the political right. As a collective group the right wing is the biggest threat to world peace. Whether it is the Israeli right wings or the Palestinian right wings it’s the right wingers that threaten peace around the world. With the American right wingers the biggest threat to world peace. The right wingers have the backing of the major military, oil, banking, and capital intensive and religious institutions.

Days after 9/11 most of the world and people within the United States were united in their fight against terrorism. Most of the world’s people understood and supported the war in Afghanistan. It was the War in Iraq that divided the people of the world and United States. There was no question whether the United States could win the military battle of the war. The question was could the United States win the peace in Iraq increasing the security of the region? Will the people of Iraq or the United States be any better off after the war? These are the question that the right wingers and left wingers could not agree on.

The Right Wingers are winning the one liner propaganda war. They are doing this by the dumbing-down the intelligence of the people of America and the world as well as through the manipulation of the global flow of cash. As there is red lining in local real estate markets there too is red lining in the global investments markets. So often the wars are fought in order to control and protect the asset and natural resources of the warrior’s nation. The right-wingers are willing spend big bucks to go to war while cutting the benefits to the soldiers returning to America injured or maimed.

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