Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Reducing the Size of the United States Federal Government

Perhaps, the biggest and hardest change the United States has to make is down sizing the United States Federal Government. In many cases the developing nations need a stronger federal government while many of the developed nations need a smaller federal government. A stronger international global system is needed to deal with the problems of the world. No one nation should be able to dictate the policies and actions of the international system. Any military actions taken against another nation other than to defend ones own soil of their nation has to be multilateral. Organizations such as the Organization of the American States, European Union, African and the Arab League must take on a stronger role in helping to settle the differences between nations within their region.

The United States should be a stronger team player with the other nations and multiple national organizations in the world. With more cooperation and less confutation between nations many more of the world’s problems can be solved. Because the current role of the United States is so predominate over global politics the United States must relinquish some of its international power for global balance, peace and security. The internal politics of any one nation cannot dictate the international platform such as in the United Nations Security Council today with the one vote veto.

By the United States government down sizing it’s international role as well as relinquishing some of its power back to the individual states. A better balance will be reach between the government and the needs of the people. The clarification of the role of government has to be defined to better serve and meet the needs of the people.

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