Monday, July 24, 2006


Political Parts of the Problem to the Palestinian, Lebanon-Israeli Crisis

The Israelis claim to be and see themselves as the victims of the Arabs. The Arabs claim to be the victim of the Israelis excessive military force. The Palestinians are caught in the middle trying to regain a small portion of their homeland. Clearly most of the nations of the international community see the Palestinian the victim of this life long crisis. With the only major exception being the United States who clearly supports the Israeli military aggression against the Arab people of the Middle East.

The United States and Israel governments are threatening the current governments of Syria and Iran and attack Lebanon. The Lebanese government was unable to control the build-up of the Hezbollah militants on the Israeli border. This military build-up happen over several years with the United Nations Security Council and Israel watching and doing nothing until Israel took their illegal military action. The United States government supplying Israel with the military hardware including bombs and missiles is in violation of the Geneva Convention.

If the United States ever started to be even handed in this life long crisis they would be targeted by the Israeli rightwing fanatics who control the Israeli government. There is very little room for compromise in this crisis and the Israeli have to make the majority of concessions. War Crimes should be brought against the United States and the State of Israel to resolve the crisis once and for all. The Palestinians and Israelis will have the most to gain with peace and security in this crisis. Although neither side will be total happy with the final settlement until long-term peace prevails in the region.

Israel and the United States must down size their military presents in the Middle East. Lebanon must build-up their national military police and National Guard becoming a role model for the region. A better balance between the allocation of resources nations spend on military and humanitarian needs will make the world a safer and more secure place. The nations of “haves” must lead by example and not by military force.

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