Thursday, July 06, 2006


Philadelphia Road to Gaza Strip

Anyone thinking that the Israelis pulling out of the Gaza Strip is going to solve the problem is only fooling himself or herself! Yes the Israelis pullout of the Gaza is one of the first steps needed towards peace. There are many other steps that are needed to ensure peace and security to the people of the Holy Land. A lot of humanitarian aid is needed from the people of the Arab nations a well as the international community of nations to help the Palestinian people rebuild their society. The Israeli have isolated the people in the Gaza and West Bank from the people in the rest of the world making the living conditions worst than ever before in the Holy Land.

As difficult as it may be the United States and Israel are going to have to make major changes in their policies dealing with the Palestinian people. These changes would be made in the greater interest of global peace and security. Often when one is in the fog of war they cannot find their way to peace. A master plan out lining the guidelines to correcting the problems we face today in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. As in the past many of the participants will be the same only this time there will be more unified support from the international community. Today there are more NGO's that are focus on humanitarian relief work than ever before in the world. The government of Egypt will be the primary partner in the Gaza as Jordan will be to the West Bank. Both countries will work closely together with the international government partners and NGO’s to create a viable independent Palestinian State.

Opening the Philadelphia Road to Gaza Strip will be the gateway for the international humanitarian relief workers and aid. A transitional period where the Israeli Military Forces will turn over their position within the Gaza Strip to the International Peace Keeping Forces. These international forces will monitor and try to control the undesirable acts of violence taken against the Israelis making the Gaza a safer place for the international humanitarian relief workers. The international NGO’s and international corporations need to help in their own ways in creating permanent job for the Palestinian people in the Gaza. International corporations making the Gaza the model of tomorrow on renewable energy sources. Only by improving the lives of the Palestinian people in the Gaza and West Bank will peace and security have a chance in the Holy Land.

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