Thursday, July 13, 2006


People of Gaza and the West Bank want Freedom, Democracy and Peace

The Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank want freedom, democracy and peace. Most of the Jewish people of Israel want to co-exist with their Palestinian neighbors in peace with security. It is only a few right wingers on both sides that want war. Some because of their religious beliefs others for personal gain such as some people in the military industrial complex. There are some right wingers within the Israeli government that do not want to lose United States funding whether from the United States government, Jewish Temples and people or the Christian right. Israel in conflict is a big fund raiser. It brings in billions of dollars to the Israeli economy that might not otherwise be there.

On the other hand the already miserable living conditions of the Palestinian people gets worst and worst. The double standard that Israelis impose onto the people of the region is feeding the hatred for the current State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. Many Arabs and Palestinian people have very good legitimate reason for hating the Jewish State of Israel. The Israelis continue to make a bad situation worst by continuing their bad actions and policies against the Palestinian and other Arab people. For almost forty years the Israeli have been occupying the little to what is left (22%) of the Palestinian homeland. The Israelis have 88% of what was formally the Palestinian homeland and still want more. The right wing Jewish people and groups would have you believe the Palestinian people brought this upon themselves by having a democratic election.

To understand the problems of today between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people one has to go back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century at the end of the Ottoman Empire. At the end of World War I new Middle East countries and international boarders were created dividing up the Ottoman Empire. This being the foundation to many of the problems we face today in the world. Whether Palestinian -Israel Crisis or the oil wars of the Middle East it is the values and ways of the Old World verses the New World. Without addressing the grievance of the people on both sides there will be no peace or security around the world.

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