Monday, July 03, 2006


Palestinian Water Desalination

With the latest win fall of profits from the higher price of crude oil. The oil wealthy Arab nations should invest some of the surplus profits into the Gaza of Palestine. The lack of sweet water is a problem throughout the Middle East especially in heavily populated region such as the Gaza. Many Arab nations are heavily depended on water desalination plants as their main means of obtaining new supplies of sweet water. This would make a great industry to develop in the Gaza Strip creating many new jobs. The water desalination operations using solar energy is a perfect fit for this region.

Building a factory to manufacture solar water desalination equipment and wind generators in the Gaza would be a great benefit to the people of the region. By developing these jobs in the Gaza that will bring more sweet water to the people of the world. The Arabs depend upon water treatment plants for their sweet water more than any other people in the world today. Tomorrow many more people around the world will depend upon water treatment plants for their drinking water. Let the Arabs people with all of their experience with water desalination operations invest some of their money into the Gaza Strip creating new jobs for the Palestinian people.

Only by the nations of the world coming together to help the Palestinian people does peace have a chance to win in this conflict. The Gaza could become the solar water desalination capitol of the world this should be the goal. By improving the realities on the ground for the people in the Gaza new things will become possible opening the door to peace. This window of opportunity that is here today and may be gone tomorrow if it is not acted upon immediately. The first step is to get some of these solar water desalination plants working producing more sweet water for the people of the Gaza. If the children of the Gaza and West Bank have a better day-to-day life today there will be peace in the Holy Land tomorrow.

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