Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Our Federal Government has Lost Focus to its Identity to its Role in World

The American political system is set up with four levels of government, federal, state, county, and local. The global community of nations needs a similar system to function in the best interests of the earth’s people. A universal, hemispheric, and regional platforms are needed to work with the individual nations. One nations influence and policies can’t dictate on the universal platform level, the same could not be said on the regional platform. With less ruling and more coordinating of already existing forces of goodwill in the world on a multilateral level. A lot more could be done with a lot less danger to the future of the human race. When one level of government over steps its bounds into the arena of another it often does more bad than good. This is a problem on a national level as well as international level with our federal government. Our federal government has lost focus to its identity to its role in world.

Major changes are need within our domestic and international policies in our federal government. It is the NGO's in the public and private sectors that led the way into the new world. By cutting down the role of the federal government in domestic and international issues and increasing the roles of the state and local governments role on one level. And increasing the role of the universal and hemispheric system as well the private non-profit NGO’s we could have a better system. It is not always the person in office that is the problem, it is the system it self that needs to be improved. With broad sweeping changes on many different levels the problems can be lessoned improving the way of life for many more people. The old saying goes "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink."

Many of the strings attached to our domestic and foreign policies are self-defeating creating more problems than they solve. From our military take over of Iraq and nation building to our trade policies with China and Human rights to our health care and the insurance industry. The primary focus of our government should be on the problems of the American people and our regional neighbors. The universal system of government primary focus should be what is in the best interest of the people of the nations of the world. Today two nations who the federal government roles are good examples of this are Canada and Japan. Both nations have only entered with defense humanitarian forces on an agreed too multilateral platform. Too often the United States foreign policies is creating more wounds around the world faster than the international community can help them heal. Without a stronger international platform to be able to coordinate roles and efforts of the NGOs and other federal governments on a universal level, we are likely to find us over extending our ability to finish what we have started.

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