Friday, July 21, 2006


New World Verses the Old World

The Israelis have a first class military putting them in control of the crisis against the Palestinian people with no army per-say. Historically Israelis has been condemned by many nations of the world as well as most of the multilateral global organizations for war crimes and crimes against humanity for their actions against the Palestinian society. The Israelis have remain defiant of the global community of nations and have only intensified their illegal actions with the support of the United States political, financially and militarily putting us at odds the community of nations.

The League of Nations and then United Nations helped the Jewish people create a Jewish State of Israel with limitations and conditions place on them. From the very beginning the European Zionist that migrated to Israel were the people violating these conditions placed on them by United Nations Resolution 181. Many of the United Nations conditions in Resolution 181 were in place to protect the human and property rights of the indigenous people of Palestine. The Israeli acts of destruction of Palestinian homes and communities of today have been going on for the last sixty plus years creating a stream of new Palestinian refugees.

From the very beginning the Palestinians had less military arms than the Israelis. For that matter the only military arms the Arab nations have ever had have come from the western nations with the United States being the main supplier. What has been labeled the War on Terror is really a conflict between the ways of the Old World and the New World imposing their ways onto the Old World. Property lines and taxes are just two examples of ways of the New World that are in conflict with ways of the Old World. This is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the Israelis representing the ways of the New World and the Palestinians representing the ways of the Old World.

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