Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Israeli Air Force Bombs United Nations Observation Outpost

When the Israelis bomb USS Liberty (1967) killing 34 United States Navy sailors or the United Nations Observation Outpost in July 2006 killing four United Nations Peacekeepers the Israelis called them an accident. Many people on the other side say the Israelis are trying to control the information going out of the region. Both the USS Liberty and the United Nations were in the region as observers. Neither USS Liberty nor the United Nations Peace Keeping Outpost had any military purpose other than to gather information that the Israelis did not want to get out of the region.

This is the same United Nation Observation Outpost that for years warned the United Nations National Security Council of the military build-up of Hezbollah. The Israeli wanted the fog of war to prevail in their favor so they could control the information getting out of the region. Before the Israelis can declare the bombing of the United Nations Observation Outpost was an accident the case will have to be heard before an International Court of War Crimes. If the United States government said or did nothing about the USS Liberty, they certainly are not going to do anything about the bombing of the United Nations Observation Outpost.

To prevent the United States from blocking the international trial of the Israeli military actions against the United Nations Observation Outpost, the United States should be charged as a co-conspirator for providing the weapons to carry out the Israeli mission. The governments of both nations should be held responsible for the illegal military action of Israel. Only then will the United States Government become more even handed in their dealing concerning the problems of this crisis. Until then there will only be more wars and conflicts putting the whole world in danger. Once the problems of Israel are addressed and settled many of the other Islamic problems can be solved in a much more civil manner. Only reasonable people of reason will see and understand the answers to the problems we face today relating to this crisis.

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