Saturday, July 29, 2006


Israel Violations of United Nations Resolution 181

The Israeli government never lived within the sprit of the framework of United Nations Resolution 181 of 1947. Haifa is a good example of a very old larger city that had almost an equal portion of Muslims, Jewish, and Christian people living together in peace for many centuries. UN Resolution 181 clearly stated that the pluralistic regions and cities to remain so. The people of the new Jewish State should not disrupt or interfere in the lives of the indigenous people of the region. It was the new Jewish State that was in three unconnected section of UN Resolution 181 with the Old City of Jerusalem a separate International City State. There were to be a limited number of foreign Jewish people that would migrate to the new Jewish State.

Instead the new foreign Jewish people from Europe and the former Soviet Union came to the new Jewish State of Israel in large numbers. Jewish people of old Europe could not own land by law of most countries. The Jewish National Fund was buying up as much of the land as they could in the Holy Land. The land they could not buy they took by force. Hundred of thousands of Jewish, Muslims and Christian Palestinian people were up rooted from their homes and communities in the interest of the plan for a Greater Israel. The indigenous Jewish people were treated as second class Jewish citizens by the new foreign Jewish immigrants.

The first major industry to grow up with the State of Israel was the military industrial complex. In the beginning it was a cottage industry of Gunsmiths and ammunition manufacturers. Today they are the largest foreign sub contractor to the United States military industrial complex. Israel has become the Middle East only nuclear military regional superpower. All of this in the violation of sixty plus United Nations Resolutions as well as numerous numbers of International Laws under the Geneva Convention.

Israel violations of UN Resolution 181 are the foundation to the crisis of wars we have today. With more people having a clearer understanding of UN Resolution 181 they would have a better understanding of the conflict today. Only by addressing the foundation to the problems will we be able to solve the problems.

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