Monday, July 31, 2006


Israel-United States Holds More Blame

The mess in Iraq and Lebanon are connected to the United States-Israeli military campaign of an on going war in the Middle East. The hate and contempt for the United States and Israel’s military policies and actions have only unified the nations of people of the world putting the United States and the people of Israel in greater danger. The twelve years of the United States and British bombing campaign of Iraq. That led up to the Neocons Bush War of 2003 as an act of terrorisms. Or the Israeli military actions they have taken against the Palestinian and Lebanese people as acts terrorisms is wrong.

What makes the military actions of the United States and the State of Israel worst than their enemy is the following. Both the nation of Israel and the United States are the people of “haves” that are fighting against the “have nots”. The military forces of the United States and Israel have to be held to a higher level of accountability because they are armed forces of nations of the international community of nations. The enemies are people of no one nation but an ideology that has not been properly dealt with by the United States and Israeli government and people. For any nation with the power to control the air space over another people nation and or the waterways, electricity and commerce going to another nation, not to be held to a higher level of accountability is wrong.

What is happening today in the Israel has been going on since ever 1947. The cycle of violence has never been broken. As there is no question that the Jewish people were the victims of the Nazis in World War II. There is no question that the Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese people are the victims of the United States-Israeli Middle East military policies. Without radical changes in the way the “nations of haves” deal with their problems and differences with other nations of people who do not agree with them. There will only be a continuation of the same old wars that will escalate into even larger war bringing us closer to the Dark Ages.

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