Sunday, July 30, 2006


Israel a Nation Built to Go War

How innocent civilians are killed? It does not matter whether it is a suicide bombers or a smart bomb from the sky. The Israelis claim the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers was the beginning of the Israeli bombing campaign that created two billion damages to Lebanon infrastructure and killing over five hundred innocent Lebanese’s civilians. The religious extremists that use their scriptures to go to war with other people who do not believe in their ways are the evil doers according to President Bush. This holds true on all sides of the Middle East crisis.

The Israeli military bombing of Qana, Lebanon killed 59 plus innocent Lebanese civilians with at least nineteen of them children and the majority of the others the being mothers and elderly. With the great majority of the death and destruction in Lebanon being done by weapons made in American and paid for by Americans makes American’s a coconspirators. The war crimes of Israel and the United States in the most recent conflict in Lebanon are nothing new for the Palestinian people. The Israeli big guns and tanks that are rolling threw and bombing Lebanon today is nothing new. The Israelis have been doing the same thing to the Palestinian people for the last sixty plus years.

Israel a nation built to go to war from the very beginning has been in war ever since. The amount of financial resources the Israeli have been invested into the military infrastructure is a crime within its self with the United States paying more and more for every Israeli war. Most of the nations of the people of the world are sick and tired of the Israeli always claiming to be the victim when they are the military aggressor in the conflict. Most Israeli citizens are trained to go to war and fight. Israel a state the size of New Jersey with about five million people has the fourth most powerful military in the world. The more Israel fights in wars, the more money they get form the United States government and Jewish Temples and people making a bad situation worst.

The big lie is that “the United States government will be an honest broker in the Middle East crisis”. The distortional amount of military force the Israeli have used against Hezbollah militants within Lebanon is only compounding a bad situation making it worst. The alliance of Israel and the United States will prevent the United State from ever being a fair and balance broker in this crisis. It is this alliance and their actions that have created so much war that has killed so many American soldiers and innocent Arab people.

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