Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Israel is a Terrorist State

To equate the Israeli situation and reactions with any other country in the world is ludicrous and is making the world a much more dangerous place. The United States and the State of Israel have been operating as rogue nations operating outside international laws. The unilateral military attacks on people of other nations have escalated the level of tension and violence in the Middle East and world. The government of the United States should be held responsible for the military actions of the State of Israel. Both nations should be tried before an international tribunal for war crimes past and present concerning the Israeli-Palestine conflict. How far back in the timeline for the prosecution of the war crimes and crimes against humanity will be a question of negotiation? Once the United States and the State of Israel are held accountable for their military and political actions taken against the Palestinian and Arab people, the road to peace will be just over the horizon.

Simultaneously with the international tribunal there should be an international peace conference. Between these two international platforms a long-term peace plan can be worked out and implemented changing conditions on the ground for the better on all sides. Both the governments of the United States and Israel must be held responsible for their military and political actions. The same could be said about Hamas and Hezbollah although they are accountable to a far lesser degree. Clearly the Palestinian people are the victims of this crisis in the long-term big picture.

Not until the Palestinian society is treated as the victim of this sixty plus year crisis will there be any long term peace. The Arab nations and the majority of the international community of nations have in the past and are today calling for international peace keeping forces in this crisis. Only the United States and Israel are the only nations that are on the public record against the present of the International peace keeping forces.

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