Thursday, July 20, 2006


Israel has the right to Exist

I have never advocated the destruction of Israel such as some of the government officials of Israel have advocated the destruction of the nations of Lebanon and Palestine. The question is not whether Israel has the right to exist but what kind of nation Israel is going to be. Is Israel going to be a regional nuclear super power that threatens and attacks her neighbors so she can dictate her ways onto others nations of people. Today Israel is a religious military state that is position for war and not peace with the Jewish extremists in control. There is little difference between the political position of Iran and Israel other than the religion and they are polar opposites.

I have only advocated peace and justices for all of the people of the world. Our leaders should rule by example and not by military force whenever possible. I strongly believe that many of Israel past and current policies are undermining the security of the United States and the State of Israel as well as the people of the Middle East. I want to see a secure Israel that is at peace with her neighbors in the region unlike the course we are on today. I believe Israel is like a troubled child that has been miss-behaving since her conception and the United States has been acting like a dysfunctional parent. That the current United States-Israeli policies are making a bad situation worst that are ruining the future for our children to have a world with some peace.

There is no civilized way to establish a new state for another people out of someone else’s land. This is was what happened as part of the world’s reparation to the Jewish people for the horrific acts taken against them during the Holocaust. Although the Palestinian people had nothing to do with the Holocaust they paid the majority of the cost of the world’s reparation too the Jewish people. The people and government of Israel never lived up too or within the spirit of United Nations Resolution 181 (1947) in which created the two states out of one land.

Yes, most of my essays are very one-sided favoring the Palestinian people. This side gets very little coverage in the American mainstream media. I believe that the United States should remain an allied of Israel but not one who is going to spoil her with military weapons and wars. There needs to be major changes in United States Middle East Policies that will be more inline with international consciences. Then and only then will there be a chance for peace to grow.

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