Friday, July 14, 2006


Israel and the United States are the Greatest Threat to World Peace

Things are no different today than they were sixty years ago with the Israeli and her neighboring nations. Israel is threatening peace and security of the region and world as she has for the last sixty years. The right wing talking heads that support the overly aggressive military actions of Israel are the true anti-Semite. How many more Americans are going to have to die for our government support of the Israeli warmongers? The timeline of the Palestinian-Israeli-Arab Crisis clearly points to the Israelis as the ones who have escalated the violence and conflicts in the past and present.

The Israeli and United States Middle East policies and actions have united and strengthen the Islamic fundamentalists while weakening the unity of our allies. The Israeli disproportional military retaliation is one of main part to the endless cycle of violence in this conflict. No one nation can be bombing and attacking neighboring nations while claiming to be the victim like the Israelis. Only the United States government and America’s mainstream mass media are buying the Israel mantra. Meanwhile the rising price of the world’s oil market brought on by the Israelis escalating the tension in the region is sending billions of dollars more to the Islamic oil producing nations.

How can so few people, create so much contempt and hatred as the Zionists. For over sixty years the Zionists have inflamed and provoked the Palestinian and Arab people in the name of God as the real estate broker. Not until the United States government gets a handle on the Jewish right wing extremists, will there be any peace and security in the world. One just has to listen to the call-ins on C-Spain to hear the divide between those who support Israel and those people who do not. One can only hope that the American people will be as restrained as the Arab people when they hear and understand the truths to this crisis.

The Israelis have a disproportional amount of influence in the United States government. How many of our federal elected officials have taken the Disraeli Land trips to the Middle East being paid for by people and groups that support Israel unconditionally. How many of the mainstream mass media’s talking head come from the Israeli side of the conflict. America was once the most beloved and respected country in the world. Today the United State’s Foreign Policies makes the United States one of the most feared and despised country in the world with a large part due to the United States-Israeli alliance that is threatening global peace and security. The seeds the Israeli have sown are the greatest threat to the United State’s national security. The United States unconditional support of the Israeli right wing warmongering extremists is the greatest threat to global peace and security.

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