Tuesday, July 04, 2006


International Organizations

Too many nations and people in the world look to the United States government and military forces for help with their regional conflicts and problems. On top of that, the United States has taken on the unilateral role as military police in certain places it chooses. Here the old saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is becoming applicable to home land security of the United States. Being one of the most loved (Opportunities) and hated (Foreign Policies) country in the world by so many people at the same time. It is becoming more often than not that the United States Foreign Policy is putting us in a no win situation with the American leaders telling the world’s people half truths in defending or making their policies.

Nobody wants to be on the side that America is pointing their big guns at. Yet once the big guns stop firing and there is no peace, security or opportunity among the people with many worse off than before, the occupiers soon become the enemy and the guerilla war begins. Winning the military battles is not winning the war. To win the war you must have peace within the nation and co-existence with its neighbors and the global community of nations in peace.

A multi-lateral organization must be established for international peacekeeping forces. The by-laws for this organization will outline the terms of engagement and the protocol. This organization will work in unison with other international organizations on missions. It will be the bridge between the humanitarian relief groups such as the Peace Corp and the military forces of nations. The funding for the international peacekeeping forces should come from an international crude oil export tax.

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