Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hezbollah Stands-up for Hamas

To say that Hezbollah started the latest conflict on Wednesday July 12, 2006 by killing some Israeli soldiers and capturing two Israeli soldiers on the boarder of Israel and Lebanon is the Bush Administration official party line. For the United States to coerce the G-8 nations into condemning Hamas and Hezbollah for their actions while suggesting that Israel exercise restraints is wrong and one sided as the United State’s Middle East Foreign Policies. The Israeli talking heads are saying that if any other nation in the world found themselves confronting a similar situation, they would do the same thing as Israel today. The truth of the matter is there is no other nation in the modern history of the world to being in a state of consonant war with her neighbors as the State of Israel.

The Israeli have been provoking and escalating the conflict with the Palestinian people and Arab nations from the very beginning as they are today. Anytime you create a situation similar too the one the Israeli have created. You will have what we have today in the Middle East. Just look at an accurate timeline of the conflict from the time the Israeli withdrew their Jewish settlers and soldiers form Gaza. Put into the account the reality of the facts on the ground before and after the Israeli withdraw from Gaza.

After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza the Israeli still controlled the air space over Gaza. The Israelis continued regular targeted bombing and assassinations of Palestinians. The Israeli still controlled the boarder between Gaza and Egypt not letting Palestinian people in or out of Gaza making them prisoners in their homes. The Israeli cut off trade, commerce and international aid for the people of Gaza making a bad situation worst. The Israeli have had the Palestinian people in a state of lock-down for over thirty-nine years. Then for the Israelis to kidnap and jail 27 Palestinian elected leaders brings democracy to a new low. To say Hezbollah started the latest conflict is about as shallow and one sided as the United States Middle East Foreign Policy.

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