Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Fly Over the Holy Land

A person would just have to fly around the Holy Land to see who is terrorizing who. The Palestinian people have been imprisoned for nearly forty years by the Israeli government. Now a Palestinians militia has imprisoned one Israeli soldier and Palestinian Freedom Fighters from Lebanon have captured two more members of Israel Offensive Forces. The Israelis have retaliated by blowing-up the only power plant in Gaza as collective punishment of 1.3 million Palestinian people in Gaza. The international community of nations condemns the latest illegal act of war by the Israelis while the United States supports them by the threat of a Veto vote in the United Nation Security Council. The United States has helped Israel continue the cycle of violence by the threat of or the veto of any United Nation Security Council Resolutions that would condemns the illegal actions of Israel.

Israel is the biggest military welfare state in the world supported by United States Taxpayers and Jewish Temples. This makes the American government and people responsible for the Israeli military actions against the Palestinian society. As long as the United States and the State of Israel project terror onto the Palestinian and Arab world there will no end to the war. The perpetual state of war brings in billion of American dollars into Israel economy. The barriers that the Israelis have created around the Palestinian people have prevented them from getting water, food and international humanitarian aid.

Taking prisoners by warring nations is as old as war itself. Palestinian militants have captured three Israeli soldiers while the Israelis have been caring out target assassination of Palestinian leaders. Kidnapping elected leaders of the Palestinian government. Destroying homes and farms of thousands of Palestinian people and imprisoning thousands of Palestinian people. The United States and Israeli government will accuse the Palestinians of escalating the crisis by the capture of the three Israeli soldiers. When in reality the Israelis have been doing it most of the time. The Israeli have continued to make a bad situation worst while blaming the Palestinian and Arab people.

Yes, there are many faults to be found on both sides of this conflict, but there is a disproportional amount that falls on the United States, Great Britain and the State of Israel. Only by reconciling the wrongs of the past will the answer be found for peace tomorrow. If the Israelis are offended by the capture of three of their soldiers, how do you thing the Palestinian people feel living under Israeli military occupation for over sixty years. It is time for the United States and the State of Israel to mend their ways and except the United Nations and the international community of nation help resolving this crisis. For far too long, the United States and the State of Israel have refused to let the any substantial international aid and security into helping the Palestinian people.

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