Saturday, July 08, 2006


Double Standard and Hypocrisy in United States Foreign Policies

The on going double standard and hypocrisy in United States foreign policies and actions is what so many of the people in the world hate. There are good examples of these all over the world. Whether it is Noriega and Iran-Contra, Palestinian-Israeli Crisis, or Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam in Baghdad back in the early eighties. Many of the shady deal involve military weapons in which the United States is the main manufacture. The similarities between Saddam and Noriega are startling.

They both were military leaders of nations that had shady deals going on with the United States government. The United States government supplied them both with weapons and then arrested both of them for crimes they were directly involved in. In other words the United States government was the coconspirators and they arrested their partner in crime. Ollie North gets a pardon; Noriega goes to a United States federal prison in Florida and has not been heard of since. Saddam will probably get the death penalty.

Saddam and Noriega are clearly bad people who were only concerned with themselves and close associates. They would step on, and kill anyone who got in their way of their best interests. The deals between United States and Saddam-Noriega were totally self serving. Both Saddam-Noriega got in trouble with the United States government for wanting more than the United States wanted to give. Anytime a leader of an oil producing nation tries to nationalize their oil fields it is perceived as a threat to the security of the oil consuming industrial nations. Both Saddam and Noriega were considered friends of the United States in the eighties and enemies by the nineties. Whether it was the Shaw of Iran, Marcos of the Philippines, Saddam, Noriega or Bin Laden they all had shady dealing with the United States government involving weapons of death and destruction.

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