Saturday, July 01, 2006


A Brief Outline on How America Should Get Out of Iraq

The United States must be willing to turn the governing of Iraq over to the United Nations who will help run day-to-day with the Iraqi government coordinating international NGO’s operations. A three state one nation is the most logical solution to Iraq for political, social and geographic reasons. The United Nations and the Iraqi government should first focus on forming local government in the villages and cities. At the same time forming the three state governments will be finalized with local governments selecting state representatives in the next state election.

The United Nations will have two major and separate roles. With the first being the overseeing the re-construction of the Iraqi infrastructure and the second part coordinating the NGOs and foreign governments humanitarian aid to Iraq. The United States and NATO will help supply security to the Green Zones that will be created for the NGOs and international humanitarian workers. They will also help train the new local police, security forces and Iraqi National-guard.

Iraq having more fresh water, fertile land and oil than any other Arab nation is in a unique situation. Developing Iraq’s natural resources with the engineering knowledge of the twenty-first century. Farming Middle Eastern specialty crops and livestock creating jobs and businesses for the Iraqi people. Only by developing a large and independent private sector will there be stability in the Iraqi society. With many of the International NGOs working with the Iraqi people to develop cottage industries throughout the Iraqi society. Starting at the local level will help the most families the fastest.

By developing the state and local platform rule of laws first will help the nation of Iraq develop a balance and trusted national government latter. The method of operations between the leader of cities and villages around the world does not very too much from on nation to another. The same could not be said about the federal government systems and priorities one nation to another.

To help defer some of the United Nations and NGOs humanitarian expenses an off shore oil zone will be created running along the Kuwait border in Iraq. The League of Arab Nations will over see the United Nations in this operation as a way to help support humanitarian work in Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations over a long period of time. Bringing the Iraqi conditions back to a normal state with people working in a peaceful society without an obvious foreign military presents. Letting the seeds of opportunity grow in the fertile land of Iraq society. Let us not re-create what the Israeli have created in Palestine and show them the way to peace.

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