Sunday, July 02, 2006


Blame the Victims Not the Israelis

The video documentation of the Israel assault on the Palestinian society is very well documented. Many people on the so-called “left” are fully aware of the real reality on the ground in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. By the time the mainstream American media reports on the Palestine-Israel crisis it has been filtered and sanitized making the Israelis the victims and the Arabs-Palestinians the terrorists. The Israeli-American Jewish right-wingers have muffled the voices of the Jewish lefties who are some of the most out spoken people against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territory.

The Israeli government denies any accountability for the horrific conditions they have imposed onto the Palestinian people. The American people are financially supporting the Israeli assault on the Palestinian society. The Israelis could not get away with the murder and destruction of the Palestinian society without American’s support. For many years the international community of nations has given aid to the Palestinian society. The Israeli have destroyed many of these projects. With one of the latest being the bombing of Gaza only power plant that was built with Sweden assistance.

The State of Israel has refused to comply with international laws and United Nation Resolutions concerning the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. The wretched living condition that the Palestinian people are living in day-to-day are created by the policies and actions of the Israeli government are crimes against humanity. The Israeli right-wingers do not even recognize the fact that the Palestinian people ever had a homeland so there for there are no crimes.

Most of the lands of the Jewish settlements that are surrounded by Green Space in many cases were the homes, farms and villages of the Palestinian people. The Israelis have destroyed more Palestinian homes and lives in their quest for the Greater State of Israel. The Israeli government continues build a wall that the Israeli right-winger call a fence on Palestinian land. As well as “Jewish Only By-Pass Roads” that slices and dices the West Bank into Bantam state of the Palestinian people. The United States financing of the on going process of destruction thousands of acres of Palestinian land and human lives is considered progress by the Israeli right-wingers.

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