Tuesday, November 07, 2006


How Low Will the United States and Israel Go

Whether it is the comments of Secretary Rumsfeld about the people in the peace movement “Appeasing the Nazis”, Bill Marhe saying the “Whole world is anti-Semitic” or the Israeli government officials saying “We will knock Lebanon 20 years back” and “We must destroy Hezbollah”. Comments like these and many other that are similar show the ignorance of the American and Israeli establishment. The outright lies that are told to make the case or to support the case of war by the Israelis and Americans are a crime against the principles freedom and democracy.

The Israeli people being closer to the facts of the reality on the ground are more divided as people and there is more debate within in their government and mass media. The American people being so far from the consequences of war are feed only the pro-Israel side of the conflicts and wars. Anytime you have the mixture of politics, religion and military with occupation such as you have in the Middle East today. It will always turn into warring conflicts of civilians against the occupiers. Nowhere in the world is this truer than in the Holy Land region, a land that has been under the occupation of foreigners for many centuries.

Israel’s Arab neighboring nations have agreed to recognize Israel within the 1967 International Recognized Border. This is 88% of the former homeland of the Palestinian people. The American right wing Jewish mantra is “No land for peace”. What other nation of people would agree to give up 88% of their homeland for peace as the Palestinian people? Maybe this is a question Vice President Cheney or Secretary Rumsfeld would like to answer.

Friday, November 03, 2006


United Nations is Not a Country Club

Mr. President the United Nations is not a country club. For you to meet and only talk too your friends and allies at the United Nations is wrong. When you talk about war as the last option and you have no plan for peace is wrong. Only by talking to your advisories will you be able to understand your differences. The United Nations is a place for the advisories of the world to come together to talk and negotiate one’s differences with there adversaries. If one can not understand the grievances of their adversaries there will be more wars and less peace.

“What goes around comes around” is an old proverb that holds a lot of truth. To degrade the leaders of your adversaries will only deepen the divide of the people while raising the level of fear among the people. If the United States wants to remain as a major leading nation of the world the leaders of the United States must broaden their understanding to the problems of the world. This can only happen by talking to those leaders of nations that you have problems with. Only through diplomacy and negotiations can we over come our differences without going to war. By building more bridges and dropping fewer bombs a more constructive path to peace will be forged creating more global security.

More common sense and a better balance will bring a nation closer to peace and security than all of the bombs and armies in the world. The struggle between the military-corporations and the governments running the nations of people has to be brought into balance with the needs of the people of the world. This can only happen on an international platform such as the United Nations with the help of many other strong international sister organizations. Only by addressing one’s problems can we help others. You will be more secure if you win the hearts and minds of the people which intern will open new doors of opportunities creating more prosperity.

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