Monday, July 31, 2006


Israel-United States Holds More Blame

The mess in Iraq and Lebanon are connected to the United States-Israeli military campaign of an on going war in the Middle East. The hate and contempt for the United States and Israel’s military policies and actions have only unified the nations of people of the world putting the United States and the people of Israel in greater danger. The twelve years of the United States and British bombing campaign of Iraq. That led up to the Neocons Bush War of 2003 as an act of terrorisms. Or the Israeli military actions they have taken against the Palestinian and Lebanese people as acts terrorisms is wrong.

What makes the military actions of the United States and the State of Israel worst than their enemy is the following. Both the nation of Israel and the United States are the people of “haves” that are fighting against the “have nots”. The military forces of the United States and Israel have to be held to a higher level of accountability because they are armed forces of nations of the international community of nations. The enemies are people of no one nation but an ideology that has not been properly dealt with by the United States and Israeli government and people. For any nation with the power to control the air space over another people nation and or the waterways, electricity and commerce going to another nation, not to be held to a higher level of accountability is wrong.

What is happening today in the Israel has been going on since ever 1947. The cycle of violence has never been broken. As there is no question that the Jewish people were the victims of the Nazis in World War II. There is no question that the Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese people are the victims of the United States-Israeli Middle East military policies. Without radical changes in the way the “nations of haves” deal with their problems and differences with other nations of people who do not agree with them. There will only be a continuation of the same old wars that will escalate into even larger war bringing us closer to the Dark Ages.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Israel a Nation Built to Go War

How innocent civilians are killed? It does not matter whether it is a suicide bombers or a smart bomb from the sky. The Israelis claim the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers was the beginning of the Israeli bombing campaign that created two billion damages to Lebanon infrastructure and killing over five hundred innocent Lebanese’s civilians. The religious extremists that use their scriptures to go to war with other people who do not believe in their ways are the evil doers according to President Bush. This holds true on all sides of the Middle East crisis.

The Israeli military bombing of Qana, Lebanon killed 59 plus innocent Lebanese civilians with at least nineteen of them children and the majority of the others the being mothers and elderly. With the great majority of the death and destruction in Lebanon being done by weapons made in American and paid for by Americans makes American’s a coconspirators. The war crimes of Israel and the United States in the most recent conflict in Lebanon are nothing new for the Palestinian people. The Israeli big guns and tanks that are rolling threw and bombing Lebanon today is nothing new. The Israelis have been doing the same thing to the Palestinian people for the last sixty plus years.

Israel a nation built to go to war from the very beginning has been in war ever since. The amount of financial resources the Israeli have been invested into the military infrastructure is a crime within its self with the United States paying more and more for every Israeli war. Most of the nations of the people of the world are sick and tired of the Israeli always claiming to be the victim when they are the military aggressor in the conflict. Most Israeli citizens are trained to go to war and fight. Israel a state the size of New Jersey with about five million people has the fourth most powerful military in the world. The more Israel fights in wars, the more money they get form the United States government and Jewish Temples and people making a bad situation worst.

The big lie is that “the United States government will be an honest broker in the Middle East crisis”. The distortional amount of military force the Israeli have used against Hezbollah militants within Lebanon is only compounding a bad situation making it worst. The alliance of Israel and the United States will prevent the United State from ever being a fair and balance broker in this crisis. It is this alliance and their actions that have created so much war that has killed so many American soldiers and innocent Arab people.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Israel Violations of United Nations Resolution 181

The Israeli government never lived within the sprit of the framework of United Nations Resolution 181 of 1947. Haifa is a good example of a very old larger city that had almost an equal portion of Muslims, Jewish, and Christian people living together in peace for many centuries. UN Resolution 181 clearly stated that the pluralistic regions and cities to remain so. The people of the new Jewish State should not disrupt or interfere in the lives of the indigenous people of the region. It was the new Jewish State that was in three unconnected section of UN Resolution 181 with the Old City of Jerusalem a separate International City State. There were to be a limited number of foreign Jewish people that would migrate to the new Jewish State.

Instead the new foreign Jewish people from Europe and the former Soviet Union came to the new Jewish State of Israel in large numbers. Jewish people of old Europe could not own land by law of most countries. The Jewish National Fund was buying up as much of the land as they could in the Holy Land. The land they could not buy they took by force. Hundred of thousands of Jewish, Muslims and Christian Palestinian people were up rooted from their homes and communities in the interest of the plan for a Greater Israel. The indigenous Jewish people were treated as second class Jewish citizens by the new foreign Jewish immigrants.

The first major industry to grow up with the State of Israel was the military industrial complex. In the beginning it was a cottage industry of Gunsmiths and ammunition manufacturers. Today they are the largest foreign sub contractor to the United States military industrial complex. Israel has become the Middle East only nuclear military regional superpower. All of this in the violation of sixty plus United Nations Resolutions as well as numerous numbers of International Laws under the Geneva Convention.

Israel violations of UN Resolution 181 are the foundation to the crisis of wars we have today. With more people having a clearer understanding of UN Resolution 181 they would have a better understanding of the conflict today. Only by addressing the foundation to the problems will we be able to solve the problems.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Global Problems

There are many more wrong answers to the problems we face than there are right answers. One cannot solve a problem without addressing the interconnecting problems making the answer more complex. Because the United States is a leading global super power it is more responsible for the problems we face in the world today. Oil and the military industrial complex is the pinnacle to many of the problems. The United States military spending is over 42% of the total global military spending while consuming 25% of the world’s oil. The United States industrial model will not work for other nations of the world and will one day implode unless drastic changes are made very soon.

Only the United States has the power to make the needed changes for a better future for the people of the world. Dramatic changes in the United States energy and military policies are a good place to start. A fifty percent cut in the amount of oil that the United States consumes and a sixty percent cut in United States military spending would be a step in the right direction if properly implemented. A better balance is needed between the United States consumption of the world natural non renewable recourses (primarily oil) and the world’s people and environment. This would help to reduce global tensions among nations around the world lessening the need for aggressive military actions.

By the United States reducing the need of the world’s oil it will help bring its trade deficit into balance. By the United States reducing its military spending this will help to reduce the United States national debt bringing it into balance. The positive ripple effect of these two changes will put the United States as well as the nations of the world on a new track of substantiality. The American taxpayers cannot afford to be the world’s police and have the needed resources for the humanitarian aid to make it a better world. The military cost to defend fair and balance policies is much more affordable than trying to defend policies that are inhumane and unjust.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Lebanon’s International Peacekeeping Team

The European Union will head up the diplomatic efforts. NATO will head up the military operation. The United Nations will head up the humanitarian and the monitoring of the border missions. The Arab League of Nations and the United States government will help support the roles of the European Union NATO and the United Nations in their missions. Each group will have a plan that is divided into tasks that will be delegated to individual nations or a team of nations. The Shabbat Farm region will be the main base for the international operations in the region.

All four groups will work together to bringing about the needed change to accomplish the mission of long-term peace in the region. The Lebanese government will have an active role working with all four international groups. A website will be created outlining the goals and the progress or lack of progress in the operations. Worldwide transparency in the operation needed to build global confidence and coordination in the operation.

Once the international community of nation gets involved in the peacekeeping operations of the Lebanon-Israeli border a time table will be established. The Lebanese government will work hand-in-hand step-by-step on each task with the different international operations. The first step will be to set up bases for each of the operations. While the bases are being established diplomatic and humanitarian efforts will be made. If efforts are met with military resistance from Hezbollah, NATO forces will come to the front line with the humanitarian efforts being put on the back burner.

After the international base are completed and the fighting has quieted down an amnesty period will be established that the Lebanese people can turn in any heavy military armament to the Lebanese’s authorities with no questioned asked. Providing there is no on going combat between the international operations and Hezbollah NATO’s role will be a supporting role to the international humanitarian NGO’s and Lebanese government.

The first step is to build up the strength of the Lebanese National Army to the point so they have control of the land within their nation. The second is to have a political campaign to disarm the militant wing of Hezbollah of heavy military weapons in Lebanon. Only by winning over the hearts and minds of the Lebanese people will there be long lasting peace. The people of Lebanon have to be convinced there will be no attempts by the international coalitions to break-up or harm the political and social wing of the Hezbollah party. The mission of the international coalition is to disarm the militant wing of Hezbollah of bombs missiles and explosives and for the Federal Government of Lebanon to have control of the land within Lebanon. After some training of the Lebanese military and police forces a concerted effort will be made by NATO and the Lebanese forces to disarm the militant wing of Hezbollah.

There will be three types of infrastructure that will be building by the international coalition. The first type will be permanent structures that will be turned over the Lebanese government or the United Nations for further use. The second will be permanent structures that will be turn over to the private sector for alternative private use with the Humanitarian NGOs having first options. The third will be temporary structures that will be dismantled at the end of operations.

The creation of an official website for this operation will help the different parties involved as well as international observers to what and how things are going on the ground. An official timeline of the progress and of violations must be maintained. The website could help in the coordination of the many different actives that will be going on simultaneously. Each group will have there own section on the website that will be updated on a regularly basis. There will be a section that will be closed to the public for internal use only.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Israeli Air Force Bombs United Nations Observation Outpost

When the Israelis bomb USS Liberty (1967) killing 34 United States Navy sailors or the United Nations Observation Outpost in July 2006 killing four United Nations Peacekeepers the Israelis called them an accident. Many people on the other side say the Israelis are trying to control the information going out of the region. Both the USS Liberty and the United Nations were in the region as observers. Neither USS Liberty nor the United Nations Peace Keeping Outpost had any military purpose other than to gather information that the Israelis did not want to get out of the region.

This is the same United Nation Observation Outpost that for years warned the United Nations National Security Council of the military build-up of Hezbollah. The Israeli wanted the fog of war to prevail in their favor so they could control the information getting out of the region. Before the Israelis can declare the bombing of the United Nations Observation Outpost was an accident the case will have to be heard before an International Court of War Crimes. If the United States government said or did nothing about the USS Liberty, they certainly are not going to do anything about the bombing of the United Nations Observation Outpost.

To prevent the United States from blocking the international trial of the Israeli military actions against the United Nations Observation Outpost, the United States should be charged as a co-conspirator for providing the weapons to carry out the Israeli mission. The governments of both nations should be held responsible for the illegal military action of Israel. Only then will the United States Government become more even handed in their dealing concerning the problems of this crisis. Until then there will only be more wars and conflicts putting the whole world in danger. Once the problems of Israel are addressed and settled many of the other Islamic problems can be solved in a much more civil manner. Only reasonable people of reason will see and understand the answers to the problems we face today relating to this crisis.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Twelve Step Program for Peace in the Middle East

Only by a truly international effort can the Israeli crisis in the Middle East be resolved once and for all. It will be the United States and Israel verses the community of nations of the world with a very few exceptions. The platform and manner that the difference between the parties can be resolved will be up to the United States and Israel. Basically they have two choices with the first being they continue to dictate term and conditions that will eventually led to more wars and military conflicts as it has for the last sixty years. Or two we can change course drastically opening the whole crisis before an International Tribunal that will dictate terms and condition on matters that have not already been resolved by the parties of concern The International Tribunal ruling will have to be imposed onto the parties of concern.

The latter of the two choices will require at least a twenty year twelve-step program to peace and security. With the United Nations, Arab League of Nations, NATO, European Union and the NGO’s of humanity coming together for a twenty year mission. Israel and the United States will be called before the International Tribunal as well as any other nations or people involved war crimes related to this crisis. Each side will have a chance to present their case with the International Tribunal making the final ruling which is a ruling of a settlement more than punishment.

Any military aggressive action taken by any of the parties involved after the International Peacekeepers have entered the region will be judged much more harshly than war crimes committed in the past.

· Stop the fighting
· Move in International Peacekeepers
· Set-up the Peace table for long term negations
· Set-up long term international relief efforts
· Set up the International Tribunal
· Resolve the agreeable difference outside the International Tribunal
· International Tribunal gives ruling on unsettled matters
· Enforcement of International Tribunal rulings
· The monitoring of the situation on the ground
· Fine tuning of any problems
· The dismembering of the International Tribunal
· A world wide celebration for peace

Monday, July 24, 2006


Political Parts of the Problem to the Palestinian, Lebanon-Israeli Crisis

The Israelis claim to be and see themselves as the victims of the Arabs. The Arabs claim to be the victim of the Israelis excessive military force. The Palestinians are caught in the middle trying to regain a small portion of their homeland. Clearly most of the nations of the international community see the Palestinian the victim of this life long crisis. With the only major exception being the United States who clearly supports the Israeli military aggression against the Arab people of the Middle East.

The United States and Israel governments are threatening the current governments of Syria and Iran and attack Lebanon. The Lebanese government was unable to control the build-up of the Hezbollah militants on the Israeli border. This military build-up happen over several years with the United Nations Security Council and Israel watching and doing nothing until Israel took their illegal military action. The United States government supplying Israel with the military hardware including bombs and missiles is in violation of the Geneva Convention.

If the United States ever started to be even handed in this life long crisis they would be targeted by the Israeli rightwing fanatics who control the Israeli government. There is very little room for compromise in this crisis and the Israeli have to make the majority of concessions. War Crimes should be brought against the United States and the State of Israel to resolve the crisis once and for all. The Palestinians and Israelis will have the most to gain with peace and security in this crisis. Although neither side will be total happy with the final settlement until long-term peace prevails in the region.

Israel and the United States must down size their military presents in the Middle East. Lebanon must build-up their national military police and National Guard becoming a role model for the region. A better balance between the allocation of resources nations spend on military and humanitarian needs will make the world a safer and more secure place. The nations of “haves” must lead by example and not by military force.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


The Seed We Sow Are the Crops We Reap

The United States and the State of Israel have been sowing the seeds of war in the Middle East for years. Today people in parts of Israel are getting a small taste of the misery that the Palestinian people have been suffering under for more than sixty years. For so few people to spread so many seeds of war for so long is a crime in its self. There will be no peace in the Middle East until the Government of Israel are charged and tried with war crimes and reparation is made to the Palestinian and Arab people. The complicity of the United States and Israel government automatically disqualifies the United States from any official role in the trial except as a coconspirator.

Once the Israelis mend their warmongering ways and financial compensation is made to the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Then there will be a chance the other side can make the needed changes to go down the road for long-term peace. Israel, the United States, as well as the Arab nations need a twelve-step program that is customized for their individual needs of reform. All sides will have to make progress simultaneously in the twelve-step program.

The international community of nations cannot help to rebuild Lebanon and Palestine to have the Israelis destroy it again. The Israelis have been destroying lives of millions of Palestinian and Arab people while claiming to be the victim. The international community of nations cannot address the devastation in Lebanon without addressing the devastation in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab governments must agree to the terms and conditions set upon them. Otherwise the cycle of escalating conflicts will continue with no one having any peace and security.

For things to get any better in this region a large presents of International Peacekeeping Forces will be needed in Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis will withdraw from the land of Shebba Farms Lebanon and the Golan Heights of Syria and International Peacekeeping forces will fill the security void. The same has to happen with the West Bank and Gaza for there to be a chance for long term peace.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


They call us Evil and we call them Evil and we are Both Right

Whether it is Israel, the United States, Iraq, or Iran, the religious extremists are in control of the governments. The latest Israeli military assault on the people of Gaza and Lebanon has more to do with Iran’s nuclear and military program than the three captured Israeli soldiers. The nation’s leaders on both sides use verbal rhetoric that inflames an already bad situation making things worst.

The use of overwhelming military force to destroy nation’s infrastructure while going after a few bad elements within a nation is illegal and immoral. Both the United States and the State of Israel have both done this in their on going wars in the Middle East. It is the double standards of the United States and the State of Israel that are at the root of the problems in the Middle East. The biggest and latest of these double standard being the United States position on Iraq’s nuclear program and Israel’s nuclear program.

Clearly most of the people and nations in the world would prefer that Iran did not possess nuclear weapons. The same could be said about Israel and for that matter all of the other world’s military nuclear programs. Israel’s military nuclear program is unique in several ways. One being Israel is a small religious military state in the middle of the Arab world. For two Israel is a state that has been in a state of war since her conception. For three Israel has the largest military and military industrial complex within the Middle East. The fourth Israel was created and mandated by the western industrial nations onto the people of Palestine.

The Israelis provoked the Palestinian and Arab people into the latest war by their military actions leading up to the capture of the three Israeli soldiers. During the weeks and months leading up to the latest war the Israelis were doing target assassination of people in Gaza and Lebanon. The Israelis have carried out military bombing within Lebanon and Gaza before the latest escalation of the latest war. Today the people of Lebanon are getting a taste of what the Palestinian people have had to withstand since the creation of the State of Israel.

The United States and Israel may win the military war while losing the peace creating chaos and terror in the Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon and Iraq. This is weakening the position of the United States and the State of Israel among the international community of nations. It’s strengthening the position of the Islamic fundamentalists by being the victims of the Israeli-United States military industrial complex of war. The bottom line is that the international community has to enforce the “Rule of International Law” even handily. The Iranians have the same rights to be a religious military nuclear power as the Israelis. Clearly the people of the region and of the world would be a lot better off and safer if neither side possessed nuclear weapons. To say one side can while one side can’t is not fair, balance or just.

Friday, July 21, 2006


New World Verses the Old World

The Israelis have a first class military putting them in control of the crisis against the Palestinian people with no army per-say. Historically Israelis has been condemned by many nations of the world as well as most of the multilateral global organizations for war crimes and crimes against humanity for their actions against the Palestinian society. The Israelis have remain defiant of the global community of nations and have only intensified their illegal actions with the support of the United States political, financially and militarily putting us at odds the community of nations.

The League of Nations and then United Nations helped the Jewish people create a Jewish State of Israel with limitations and conditions place on them. From the very beginning the European Zionist that migrated to Israel were the people violating these conditions placed on them by United Nations Resolution 181. Many of the United Nations conditions in Resolution 181 were in place to protect the human and property rights of the indigenous people of Palestine. The Israeli acts of destruction of Palestinian homes and communities of today have been going on for the last sixty plus years creating a stream of new Palestinian refugees.

From the very beginning the Palestinians had less military arms than the Israelis. For that matter the only military arms the Arab nations have ever had have come from the western nations with the United States being the main supplier. What has been labeled the War on Terror is really a conflict between the ways of the Old World and the New World imposing their ways onto the Old World. Property lines and taxes are just two examples of ways of the New World that are in conflict with ways of the Old World. This is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the Israelis representing the ways of the New World and the Palestinians representing the ways of the Old World.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Israel has the right to Exist

I have never advocated the destruction of Israel such as some of the government officials of Israel have advocated the destruction of the nations of Lebanon and Palestine. The question is not whether Israel has the right to exist but what kind of nation Israel is going to be. Is Israel going to be a regional nuclear super power that threatens and attacks her neighbors so she can dictate her ways onto others nations of people. Today Israel is a religious military state that is position for war and not peace with the Jewish extremists in control. There is little difference between the political position of Iran and Israel other than the religion and they are polar opposites.

I have only advocated peace and justices for all of the people of the world. Our leaders should rule by example and not by military force whenever possible. I strongly believe that many of Israel past and current policies are undermining the security of the United States and the State of Israel as well as the people of the Middle East. I want to see a secure Israel that is at peace with her neighbors in the region unlike the course we are on today. I believe Israel is like a troubled child that has been miss-behaving since her conception and the United States has been acting like a dysfunctional parent. That the current United States-Israeli policies are making a bad situation worst that are ruining the future for our children to have a world with some peace.

There is no civilized way to establish a new state for another people out of someone else’s land. This is was what happened as part of the world’s reparation to the Jewish people for the horrific acts taken against them during the Holocaust. Although the Palestinian people had nothing to do with the Holocaust they paid the majority of the cost of the world’s reparation too the Jewish people. The people and government of Israel never lived up too or within the spirit of United Nations Resolution 181 (1947) in which created the two states out of one land.

Yes, most of my essays are very one-sided favoring the Palestinian people. This side gets very little coverage in the American mainstream media. I believe that the United States should remain an allied of Israel but not one who is going to spoil her with military weapons and wars. There needs to be major changes in United States Middle East Policies that will be more inline with international consciences. Then and only then will there be a chance for peace to grow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Israel is a Terrorist State

To equate the Israeli situation and reactions with any other country in the world is ludicrous and is making the world a much more dangerous place. The United States and the State of Israel have been operating as rogue nations operating outside international laws. The unilateral military attacks on people of other nations have escalated the level of tension and violence in the Middle East and world. The government of the United States should be held responsible for the military actions of the State of Israel. Both nations should be tried before an international tribunal for war crimes past and present concerning the Israeli-Palestine conflict. How far back in the timeline for the prosecution of the war crimes and crimes against humanity will be a question of negotiation? Once the United States and the State of Israel are held accountable for their military and political actions taken against the Palestinian and Arab people, the road to peace will be just over the horizon.

Simultaneously with the international tribunal there should be an international peace conference. Between these two international platforms a long-term peace plan can be worked out and implemented changing conditions on the ground for the better on all sides. Both the governments of the United States and Israel must be held responsible for their military and political actions. The same could be said about Hamas and Hezbollah although they are accountable to a far lesser degree. Clearly the Palestinian people are the victims of this crisis in the long-term big picture.

Not until the Palestinian society is treated as the victim of this sixty plus year crisis will there be any long term peace. The Arab nations and the majority of the international community of nations have in the past and are today calling for international peace keeping forces in this crisis. Only the United States and Israel are the only nations that are on the public record against the present of the International peace keeping forces.

Monday, July 17, 2006



The State of Israel is endangering the safety and security of the Jewish people around the world. The current and past actions of the government of Israel are creating more hatred and anger towards the Jewish State of Israel. On the cusp of the sixtieth birthday of the Jewish State of Israel things are as bad as they have been for the last sixty years. The Jewish Temples are united in their unconditional support of Israel. AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) being the strongest American lobby representing the interest of a foreign government. The amount of money AIPAC, the American Jewish Temples and the United States government gives the Israeli government annual is wrong. They are financing the terrorist actions of the Israeli government making the world a more dangerous place.

The American Jewish and Christian right-wingers are united in their unconditional support of the State of Israel. The American Jewish people are very much divided on the past and current policies and actions of the government of Israel against the Palestinian and Arab people. What other nations in the world beside the United States and Great Britain could get away with similar military action as the State of Israel without being labeled a terrorist’s nation. When the American public really understand the truth to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict there will be a backlash against the support of the State of Israel. Many innocent Jewish people will be caught in the crossfire. Proportionally there are more Jewish activists fighting the United States-Israeli policies and actions than any other single group of people.

If the American economy ever blunders the State of Israel may find there is no American government financial support for there warring ways. The billions of dollars the American Jewish people send annual to Israel will be seen in a different light by the American people when things get real bad. Israel is a military welfare state that has been in an on going war for over sixty year. Israel being only the Middle East that can attack another nation and it is called self defense. The birth of Hezbollah is blow-back from General Sharon’s military invasion and massacre in Lebanon of 1982.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hezbollah Stands-up for Hamas

To say that Hezbollah started the latest conflict on Wednesday July 12, 2006 by killing some Israeli soldiers and capturing two Israeli soldiers on the boarder of Israel and Lebanon is the Bush Administration official party line. For the United States to coerce the G-8 nations into condemning Hamas and Hezbollah for their actions while suggesting that Israel exercise restraints is wrong and one sided as the United State’s Middle East Foreign Policies. The Israeli talking heads are saying that if any other nation in the world found themselves confronting a similar situation, they would do the same thing as Israel today. The truth of the matter is there is no other nation in the modern history of the world to being in a state of consonant war with her neighbors as the State of Israel.

The Israeli have been provoking and escalating the conflict with the Palestinian people and Arab nations from the very beginning as they are today. Anytime you create a situation similar too the one the Israeli have created. You will have what we have today in the Middle East. Just look at an accurate timeline of the conflict from the time the Israeli withdrew their Jewish settlers and soldiers form Gaza. Put into the account the reality of the facts on the ground before and after the Israeli withdraw from Gaza.

After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza the Israeli still controlled the air space over Gaza. The Israelis continued regular targeted bombing and assassinations of Palestinians. The Israeli still controlled the boarder between Gaza and Egypt not letting Palestinian people in or out of Gaza making them prisoners in their homes. The Israeli cut off trade, commerce and international aid for the people of Gaza making a bad situation worst. The Israeli have had the Palestinian people in a state of lock-down for over thirty-nine years. Then for the Israelis to kidnap and jail 27 Palestinian elected leaders brings democracy to a new low. To say Hezbollah started the latest conflict is about as shallow and one sided as the United States Middle East Foreign Policy.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


The Truth to the Palestinian Conflict

Let’s understand the reality on the ground for the Palestinian people. Last year the Israeli Offensive Forces left the internal part of the Gaza while maintaining a barricade imprisoning the Palestinian people in Gaza. No food, travel or commerce can go in or out of Gaza without going through an Israeli boarder check point. The two Israeli soldiers that were killed and the one that was captured by a Palestinian militia were at one of these Israeli boarder check post.

There are hundreds of Israeli checkpoints throughout the West Bank making day to day travel for the Palestinian people difficult to impossible. The Palestinian people are being kept as prisoners within their neighborhoods and villages in the West Bank. This has been day-to-day life for the Palestinian people during the good times. Now that the Palestinian militias are holding an Israel soldier hostage the Israelis will make life worst for all of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis upping their bombing campaign knocking out 2 bridges and Gaza only power plant. Most of the people in Gaza have no electricity. This is called collective punishment by the occupiers which is totally illegal by international laws.

The Israelis will define these military operations as defensive and retaliation. When a Palestinian group takes any action against Israel Offences Forces it is called an attack. When the Israeli Offensive Forces bomb from the sky killing an innocent Palestinian pregnant mother and her child at home, it is reported as an accident. The one sidedness mass media reporting to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis is only in the United States. This is why so many of the United Nations General Assembly votes are almost always unanimously against Israeli with the exception of the United States and Israel.

Most of the free nations of people see Israel as a terrorist state for the very reason of the Israeli actions of today and yesterday. Only the United State’s government supports Israeli’s current policies and actions against the Palestinian people. This is largely due to a strong right wing Israeli lobbing of the United States government and people. The right wing Israeli lobbies have corrupted the truth in promoting their half-truths concerning the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. Many so called “Lefty Jewish people” that are in support of the Palestinian cause are equally blocked from telling their side of the story in the mass media more so in the United State than in Israel.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Israel and the United States are the Greatest Threat to World Peace

Things are no different today than they were sixty years ago with the Israeli and her neighboring nations. Israel is threatening peace and security of the region and world as she has for the last sixty years. The right wing talking heads that support the overly aggressive military actions of Israel are the true anti-Semite. How many more Americans are going to have to die for our government support of the Israeli warmongers? The timeline of the Palestinian-Israeli-Arab Crisis clearly points to the Israelis as the ones who have escalated the violence and conflicts in the past and present.

The Israeli and United States Middle East policies and actions have united and strengthen the Islamic fundamentalists while weakening the unity of our allies. The Israeli disproportional military retaliation is one of main part to the endless cycle of violence in this conflict. No one nation can be bombing and attacking neighboring nations while claiming to be the victim like the Israelis. Only the United States government and America’s mainstream mass media are buying the Israel mantra. Meanwhile the rising price of the world’s oil market brought on by the Israelis escalating the tension in the region is sending billions of dollars more to the Islamic oil producing nations.

How can so few people, create so much contempt and hatred as the Zionists. For over sixty years the Zionists have inflamed and provoked the Palestinian and Arab people in the name of God as the real estate broker. Not until the United States government gets a handle on the Jewish right wing extremists, will there be any peace and security in the world. One just has to listen to the call-ins on C-Spain to hear the divide between those who support Israel and those people who do not. One can only hope that the American people will be as restrained as the Arab people when they hear and understand the truths to this crisis.

The Israelis have a disproportional amount of influence in the United States government. How many of our federal elected officials have taken the Disraeli Land trips to the Middle East being paid for by people and groups that support Israel unconditionally. How many of the mainstream mass media’s talking head come from the Israeli side of the conflict. America was once the most beloved and respected country in the world. Today the United State’s Foreign Policies makes the United States one of the most feared and despised country in the world with a large part due to the United States-Israeli alliance that is threatening global peace and security. The seeds the Israeli have sown are the greatest threat to the United State’s national security. The United States unconditional support of the Israeli right wing warmongering extremists is the greatest threat to global peace and security.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


People of Gaza and the West Bank want Freedom, Democracy and Peace

The Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank want freedom, democracy and peace. Most of the Jewish people of Israel want to co-exist with their Palestinian neighbors in peace with security. It is only a few right wingers on both sides that want war. Some because of their religious beliefs others for personal gain such as some people in the military industrial complex. There are some right wingers within the Israeli government that do not want to lose United States funding whether from the United States government, Jewish Temples and people or the Christian right. Israel in conflict is a big fund raiser. It brings in billions of dollars to the Israeli economy that might not otherwise be there.

On the other hand the already miserable living conditions of the Palestinian people gets worst and worst. The double standard that Israelis impose onto the people of the region is feeding the hatred for the current State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. Many Arabs and Palestinian people have very good legitimate reason for hating the Jewish State of Israel. The Israelis continue to make a bad situation worst by continuing their bad actions and policies against the Palestinian and other Arab people. For almost forty years the Israeli have been occupying the little to what is left (22%) of the Palestinian homeland. The Israelis have 88% of what was formally the Palestinian homeland and still want more. The right wing Jewish people and groups would have you believe the Palestinian people brought this upon themselves by having a democratic election.

To understand the problems of today between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people one has to go back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century at the end of the Ottoman Empire. At the end of World War I new Middle East countries and international boarders were created dividing up the Ottoman Empire. This being the foundation to many of the problems we face today in the world. Whether Palestinian -Israel Crisis or the oil wars of the Middle East it is the values and ways of the Old World verses the New World. Without addressing the grievance of the people on both sides there will be no peace or security around the world.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Fly Over the Holy Land

A person would just have to fly around the Holy Land to see who is terrorizing who. The Palestinian people have been imprisoned for nearly forty years by the Israeli government. Now a Palestinians militia has imprisoned one Israeli soldier and Palestinian Freedom Fighters from Lebanon have captured two more members of Israel Offensive Forces. The Israelis have retaliated by blowing-up the only power plant in Gaza as collective punishment of 1.3 million Palestinian people in Gaza. The international community of nations condemns the latest illegal act of war by the Israelis while the United States supports them by the threat of a Veto vote in the United Nation Security Council. The United States has helped Israel continue the cycle of violence by the threat of or the veto of any United Nation Security Council Resolutions that would condemns the illegal actions of Israel.

Israel is the biggest military welfare state in the world supported by United States Taxpayers and Jewish Temples. This makes the American government and people responsible for the Israeli military actions against the Palestinian society. As long as the United States and the State of Israel project terror onto the Palestinian and Arab world there will no end to the war. The perpetual state of war brings in billion of American dollars into Israel economy. The barriers that the Israelis have created around the Palestinian people have prevented them from getting water, food and international humanitarian aid.

Taking prisoners by warring nations is as old as war itself. Palestinian militants have captured three Israeli soldiers while the Israelis have been caring out target assassination of Palestinian leaders. Kidnapping elected leaders of the Palestinian government. Destroying homes and farms of thousands of Palestinian people and imprisoning thousands of Palestinian people. The United States and Israeli government will accuse the Palestinians of escalating the crisis by the capture of the three Israeli soldiers. When in reality the Israelis have been doing it most of the time. The Israeli have continued to make a bad situation worst while blaming the Palestinian and Arab people.

Yes, there are many faults to be found on both sides of this conflict, but there is a disproportional amount that falls on the United States, Great Britain and the State of Israel. Only by reconciling the wrongs of the past will the answer be found for peace tomorrow. If the Israelis are offended by the capture of three of their soldiers, how do you thing the Palestinian people feel living under Israeli military occupation for over sixty years. It is time for the United States and the State of Israel to mend their ways and except the United Nations and the international community of nation help resolving this crisis. For far too long, the United States and the State of Israel have refused to let the any substantial international aid and security into helping the Palestinian people.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Reducing the Size of the United States Federal Government

Perhaps, the biggest and hardest change the United States has to make is down sizing the United States Federal Government. In many cases the developing nations need a stronger federal government while many of the developed nations need a smaller federal government. A stronger international global system is needed to deal with the problems of the world. No one nation should be able to dictate the policies and actions of the international system. Any military actions taken against another nation other than to defend ones own soil of their nation has to be multilateral. Organizations such as the Organization of the American States, European Union, African and the Arab League must take on a stronger role in helping to settle the differences between nations within their region.

The United States should be a stronger team player with the other nations and multiple national organizations in the world. With more cooperation and less confutation between nations many more of the world’s problems can be solved. Because the current role of the United States is so predominate over global politics the United States must relinquish some of its international power for global balance, peace and security. The internal politics of any one nation cannot dictate the international platform such as in the United Nations Security Council today with the one vote veto.

By the United States government down sizing it’s international role as well as relinquishing some of its power back to the individual states. A better balance will be reach between the government and the needs of the people. The clarification of the role of government has to be defined to better serve and meet the needs of the people.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Today a New Era is Upon Us

Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Without a final settlement dealing with the boarders of Jerusalem there will be no peace or security that will last very long. The three-sections plan for the City of Jerusalem is the only viable way to meet the needs of people on both sides. If it was not for the great religious Holy sites being significant to so many different people around the world. A much less complicated master plan could be implemented. In what may be a lifetime for one person is only a dot in the timeline of history.

Today a new era is upon us with many of the world’s old problems plaguing us. Only by understanding the history of these problems can we come up with some of the answers to solve them. The oppressive policies of the past and today have to change to make a better world for our children tomorrow. An all out effort must be made by the Israelis and the international community of nations to make compensation to the Palestinian people for their great losses. The three-sections plan for the City of Jerusalem is the only way to create a totally neutral space for all people to come together on equal grounds.

The reality on the ground is neither of the two sides the Israelis or Palestinian people want the surrounding area of the Old City of Jerusalem to be a separate so called International City. Both people and nations want it part of their nation and neither side will accept it as part of the other nation. With many great needed changes that must come about in the region an international base for the international non-profit humanitarian NGO’s is needed. Starting with Palestine as the base model the NGO’s could help in the nation building of Palestine. Helping to rebuild their infrastructure while creating many new local jobs and economy for the Palestinian people. Only when the people on both sides are secure (financial and physically) will there be a long and lasting peace in the region.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Right Wingers the Biggest Threat to World Peace

Whether it is the religious right, media right or military right they all converge in the political right. As a collective group the right wing is the biggest threat to world peace. Whether it is the Israeli right wings or the Palestinian right wings it’s the right wingers that threaten peace around the world. With the American right wingers the biggest threat to world peace. The right wingers have the backing of the major military, oil, banking, and capital intensive and religious institutions.

Days after 9/11 most of the world and people within the United States were united in their fight against terrorism. Most of the world’s people understood and supported the war in Afghanistan. It was the War in Iraq that divided the people of the world and United States. There was no question whether the United States could win the military battle of the war. The question was could the United States win the peace in Iraq increasing the security of the region? Will the people of Iraq or the United States be any better off after the war? These are the question that the right wingers and left wingers could not agree on.

The Right Wingers are winning the one liner propaganda war. They are doing this by the dumbing-down the intelligence of the people of America and the world as well as through the manipulation of the global flow of cash. As there is red lining in local real estate markets there too is red lining in the global investments markets. So often the wars are fought in order to control and protect the asset and natural resources of the warrior’s nation. The right-wingers are willing spend big bucks to go to war while cutting the benefits to the soldiers returning to America injured or maimed.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Double Standard and Hypocrisy in United States Foreign Policies

The on going double standard and hypocrisy in United States foreign policies and actions is what so many of the people in the world hate. There are good examples of these all over the world. Whether it is Noriega and Iran-Contra, Palestinian-Israeli Crisis, or Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam in Baghdad back in the early eighties. Many of the shady deal involve military weapons in which the United States is the main manufacture. The similarities between Saddam and Noriega are startling.

They both were military leaders of nations that had shady deals going on with the United States government. The United States government supplied them both with weapons and then arrested both of them for crimes they were directly involved in. In other words the United States government was the coconspirators and they arrested their partner in crime. Ollie North gets a pardon; Noriega goes to a United States federal prison in Florida and has not been heard of since. Saddam will probably get the death penalty.

Saddam and Noriega are clearly bad people who were only concerned with themselves and close associates. They would step on, and kill anyone who got in their way of their best interests. The deals between United States and Saddam-Noriega were totally self serving. Both Saddam-Noriega got in trouble with the United States government for wanting more than the United States wanted to give. Anytime a leader of an oil producing nation tries to nationalize their oil fields it is perceived as a threat to the security of the oil consuming industrial nations. Both Saddam and Noriega were considered friends of the United States in the eighties and enemies by the nineties. Whether it was the Shaw of Iran, Marcos of the Philippines, Saddam, Noriega or Bin Laden they all had shady dealing with the United States government involving weapons of death and destruction.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Philadelphia Road to Gaza Strip

Anyone thinking that the Israelis pulling out of the Gaza Strip is going to solve the problem is only fooling himself or herself! Yes the Israelis pullout of the Gaza is one of the first steps needed towards peace. There are many other steps that are needed to ensure peace and security to the people of the Holy Land. A lot of humanitarian aid is needed from the people of the Arab nations a well as the international community of nations to help the Palestinian people rebuild their society. The Israeli have isolated the people in the Gaza and West Bank from the people in the rest of the world making the living conditions worst than ever before in the Holy Land.

As difficult as it may be the United States and Israel are going to have to make major changes in their policies dealing with the Palestinian people. These changes would be made in the greater interest of global peace and security. Often when one is in the fog of war they cannot find their way to peace. A master plan out lining the guidelines to correcting the problems we face today in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. As in the past many of the participants will be the same only this time there will be more unified support from the international community. Today there are more NGO's that are focus on humanitarian relief work than ever before in the world. The government of Egypt will be the primary partner in the Gaza as Jordan will be to the West Bank. Both countries will work closely together with the international government partners and NGO’s to create a viable independent Palestinian State.

Opening the Philadelphia Road to Gaza Strip will be the gateway for the international humanitarian relief workers and aid. A transitional period where the Israeli Military Forces will turn over their position within the Gaza Strip to the International Peace Keeping Forces. These international forces will monitor and try to control the undesirable acts of violence taken against the Israelis making the Gaza a safer place for the international humanitarian relief workers. The international NGO’s and international corporations need to help in their own ways in creating permanent job for the Palestinian people in the Gaza. International corporations making the Gaza the model of tomorrow on renewable energy sources. Only by improving the lives of the Palestinian people in the Gaza and West Bank will peace and security have a chance in the Holy Land.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Our Federal Government has Lost Focus to its Identity to its Role in World

The American political system is set up with four levels of government, federal, state, county, and local. The global community of nations needs a similar system to function in the best interests of the earth’s people. A universal, hemispheric, and regional platforms are needed to work with the individual nations. One nations influence and policies can’t dictate on the universal platform level, the same could not be said on the regional platform. With less ruling and more coordinating of already existing forces of goodwill in the world on a multilateral level. A lot more could be done with a lot less danger to the future of the human race. When one level of government over steps its bounds into the arena of another it often does more bad than good. This is a problem on a national level as well as international level with our federal government. Our federal government has lost focus to its identity to its role in world.

Major changes are need within our domestic and international policies in our federal government. It is the NGO's in the public and private sectors that led the way into the new world. By cutting down the role of the federal government in domestic and international issues and increasing the roles of the state and local governments role on one level. And increasing the role of the universal and hemispheric system as well the private non-profit NGO’s we could have a better system. It is not always the person in office that is the problem, it is the system it self that needs to be improved. With broad sweeping changes on many different levels the problems can be lessoned improving the way of life for many more people. The old saying goes "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink."

Many of the strings attached to our domestic and foreign policies are self-defeating creating more problems than they solve. From our military take over of Iraq and nation building to our trade policies with China and Human rights to our health care and the insurance industry. The primary focus of our government should be on the problems of the American people and our regional neighbors. The universal system of government primary focus should be what is in the best interest of the people of the nations of the world. Today two nations who the federal government roles are good examples of this are Canada and Japan. Both nations have only entered with defense humanitarian forces on an agreed too multilateral platform. Too often the United States foreign policies is creating more wounds around the world faster than the international community can help them heal. Without a stronger international platform to be able to coordinate roles and efforts of the NGOs and other federal governments on a universal level, we are likely to find us over extending our ability to finish what we have started.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


International Organizations

Too many nations and people in the world look to the United States government and military forces for help with their regional conflicts and problems. On top of that, the United States has taken on the unilateral role as military police in certain places it chooses. Here the old saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is becoming applicable to home land security of the United States. Being one of the most loved (Opportunities) and hated (Foreign Policies) country in the world by so many people at the same time. It is becoming more often than not that the United States Foreign Policy is putting us in a no win situation with the American leaders telling the world’s people half truths in defending or making their policies.

Nobody wants to be on the side that America is pointing their big guns at. Yet once the big guns stop firing and there is no peace, security or opportunity among the people with many worse off than before, the occupiers soon become the enemy and the guerilla war begins. Winning the military battles is not winning the war. To win the war you must have peace within the nation and co-existence with its neighbors and the global community of nations in peace.

A multi-lateral organization must be established for international peacekeeping forces. The by-laws for this organization will outline the terms of engagement and the protocol. This organization will work in unison with other international organizations on missions. It will be the bridge between the humanitarian relief groups such as the Peace Corp and the military forces of nations. The funding for the international peacekeeping forces should come from an international crude oil export tax.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Palestinian Water Desalination

With the latest win fall of profits from the higher price of crude oil. The oil wealthy Arab nations should invest some of the surplus profits into the Gaza of Palestine. The lack of sweet water is a problem throughout the Middle East especially in heavily populated region such as the Gaza. Many Arab nations are heavily depended on water desalination plants as their main means of obtaining new supplies of sweet water. This would make a great industry to develop in the Gaza Strip creating many new jobs. The water desalination operations using solar energy is a perfect fit for this region.

Building a factory to manufacture solar water desalination equipment and wind generators in the Gaza would be a great benefit to the people of the region. By developing these jobs in the Gaza that will bring more sweet water to the people of the world. The Arabs depend upon water treatment plants for their sweet water more than any other people in the world today. Tomorrow many more people around the world will depend upon water treatment plants for their drinking water. Let the Arabs people with all of their experience with water desalination operations invest some of their money into the Gaza Strip creating new jobs for the Palestinian people.

Only by the nations of the world coming together to help the Palestinian people does peace have a chance to win in this conflict. The Gaza could become the solar water desalination capitol of the world this should be the goal. By improving the realities on the ground for the people in the Gaza new things will become possible opening the door to peace. This window of opportunity that is here today and may be gone tomorrow if it is not acted upon immediately. The first step is to get some of these solar water desalination plants working producing more sweet water for the people of the Gaza. If the children of the Gaza and West Bank have a better day-to-day life today there will be peace in the Holy Land tomorrow.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Blame the Victims Not the Israelis

The video documentation of the Israel assault on the Palestinian society is very well documented. Many people on the so-called “left” are fully aware of the real reality on the ground in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. By the time the mainstream American media reports on the Palestine-Israel crisis it has been filtered and sanitized making the Israelis the victims and the Arabs-Palestinians the terrorists. The Israeli-American Jewish right-wingers have muffled the voices of the Jewish lefties who are some of the most out spoken people against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territory.

The Israeli government denies any accountability for the horrific conditions they have imposed onto the Palestinian people. The American people are financially supporting the Israeli assault on the Palestinian society. The Israelis could not get away with the murder and destruction of the Palestinian society without American’s support. For many years the international community of nations has given aid to the Palestinian society. The Israeli have destroyed many of these projects. With one of the latest being the bombing of Gaza only power plant that was built with Sweden assistance.

The State of Israel has refused to comply with international laws and United Nation Resolutions concerning the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. The wretched living condition that the Palestinian people are living in day-to-day are created by the policies and actions of the Israeli government are crimes against humanity. The Israeli right-wingers do not even recognize the fact that the Palestinian people ever had a homeland so there for there are no crimes.

Most of the lands of the Jewish settlements that are surrounded by Green Space in many cases were the homes, farms and villages of the Palestinian people. The Israelis have destroyed more Palestinian homes and lives in their quest for the Greater State of Israel. The Israeli government continues build a wall that the Israeli right-winger call a fence on Palestinian land. As well as “Jewish Only By-Pass Roads” that slices and dices the West Bank into Bantam state of the Palestinian people. The United States financing of the on going process of destruction thousands of acres of Palestinian land and human lives is considered progress by the Israeli right-wingers.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


A Brief Outline on How America Should Get Out of Iraq

The United States must be willing to turn the governing of Iraq over to the United Nations who will help run day-to-day with the Iraqi government coordinating international NGO’s operations. A three state one nation is the most logical solution to Iraq for political, social and geographic reasons. The United Nations and the Iraqi government should first focus on forming local government in the villages and cities. At the same time forming the three state governments will be finalized with local governments selecting state representatives in the next state election.

The United Nations will have two major and separate roles. With the first being the overseeing the re-construction of the Iraqi infrastructure and the second part coordinating the NGOs and foreign governments humanitarian aid to Iraq. The United States and NATO will help supply security to the Green Zones that will be created for the NGOs and international humanitarian workers. They will also help train the new local police, security forces and Iraqi National-guard.

Iraq having more fresh water, fertile land and oil than any other Arab nation is in a unique situation. Developing Iraq’s natural resources with the engineering knowledge of the twenty-first century. Farming Middle Eastern specialty crops and livestock creating jobs and businesses for the Iraqi people. Only by developing a large and independent private sector will there be stability in the Iraqi society. With many of the International NGOs working with the Iraqi people to develop cottage industries throughout the Iraqi society. Starting at the local level will help the most families the fastest.

By developing the state and local platform rule of laws first will help the nation of Iraq develop a balance and trusted national government latter. The method of operations between the leader of cities and villages around the world does not very too much from on nation to another. The same could not be said about the federal government systems and priorities one nation to another.

To help defer some of the United Nations and NGOs humanitarian expenses an off shore oil zone will be created running along the Kuwait border in Iraq. The League of Arab Nations will over see the United Nations in this operation as a way to help support humanitarian work in Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations over a long period of time. Bringing the Iraqi conditions back to a normal state with people working in a peaceful society without an obvious foreign military presents. Letting the seeds of opportunity grow in the fertile land of Iraq society. Let us not re-create what the Israeli have created in Palestine and show them the way to peace.

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